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Consider Style Hair Magazine your online source for hair advice and inspiration. For great hair days between salon visits! Get the dirt on exactly HOW to style, color, or otherwise mess with your hair...

Hairstyle photo galleries

Hairstyle photo galleries to help you find a new look

Hairstyle trends

See what's hot in hairstyle trends right now

Hair color advice

Learn about how to work with home hair color

Style Hair Magazine contains hundreds of articles to help you make your hair the very best it can be. Learn professional hair styling and hair color techniques in simple terms. Plus, get news of the latest in global hair style trends.

We spend Billions of dollars every year on hair products, tools, and services... and still Bad Hair Days are rampant.


Too much selling, not enough telling!

Styling and coloring hair are simple skills that anyone can learn! Provided someone tells you how... lays out the nitty gritty techniques professional hair stylists know and use.

This site is your guide to all the tricks, tools, products, and general know-how for great hair every day!

Fact is, the major difference between those with great hair and those without is knowledge. Which is great news for you!

Curly hairstyles

Tips for managing or creating curly hair styles.

Hairstyling techniques

Professional hair styling techniques

Updos and bridal hairstyles

Updos and bridal hairstyles ideas and instructions

Haircolor pictures

Understanding different shades of haircolor

Choosing a new hair color can be tricky. Have a look at our helpful guide to getting the right shade of blonde, red or brunette.

Hair Products

Which are worth your hard-earned dollars?

Our recommendations will help you sort through the hoards of hair products available and find the ones that actually work.

Hair Styling Tools

Tools of the trade that every hair lover should know about

The absolute best tools available, at a range of price points, for your hair styling ventures. Hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and more...

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