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My name is Michelle Schill. I'm a Journeyman Hairstylist, trained in an international system of Cosmetology called Pivot Point.

I've been a professional stylist for over 15 years. Throughout my career I've done trade show competitions, and volunteered with a local theatre group working with hair and makeup to create a range of looks from classic to avant-garde. I've worked on fashion photo shoots and styled hair for live fashion and bridal shows.

Starting this website has changed the direction of my life in a very short time. Growing up, my mom always told me... 'You can do anything you set your mind to.' Part of me believed her, but mostly, I thought she was just saying what mom's and dad's must say to their kids in order to remain on the 'good parent' list. Thankfully, having the words repeated so many times, in so many situations, they seem to have sunk in. And that seed, planted so long ago, drives my life, my actions, my choices every day.

With that mindset, I began the style-hair-magazine.com journey in 2004, with the mission to help people all over the world manage their hair, love their locks, and have fun with what they've got. Now, this site reaches thousands of hair enthusiasts every day. It contains articles of interest on most every subject related to hair styling, coloring, and hair care.

Use the navigation at the top or right to go to a general section, or use the search boxes at top and bottom of the page to find all pages related to a specific topic.

Thanks for visiting Style Hair Magazine! Please feel free to send comments, questions or feedback. I'm always interested in knowing if the site has helped people, or how it can be improved to offer even more help.


Michelle Schill

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