Ashlee Simpson Hairstyles

Ashlee Simpson hairstyles are probably the most sought after of any celebrity. No doubt because she is a girl who knows how to keep it interesting!

Over the past few years, Ashlee has sported a range of hair colors from black to platinum blonde. And a range or styles from vintage glam to rocker edge.

This page features long styles in both black and red hair colors and the styling techniques will help you achieve the same look.

2004 Teen Choice Awards

This style is best for mostly straight hair like Ashlee's. Long black locks are given just a touch of texture, mostly towards the ends.

Have a stylist do some light layering and slicing through the hair to remove bulk and create movement in the hair.

The slight wave in the bottom half is coaxed by scrunching a bit during the drying process. Then the waves are separated and defined with some styling wax or putty.

The texture in the fringe adds interest, giving the look an edge that a blunt fringe just can't deliver. Find a stylist that's good at texture cutting to achieve this look.

Promoting Her Single 'Outta My Head'

Sleek and straight in a rich red color with a long side-swept fringe, this style is totally modern and edgy... and really simple to achieve! So long as you have a great haircut.

The texture cut throughout Ashlee's hair and the well-placed layers are what make this style. So the critical thing is finding a good stylist to do the same for you.

Then create a deep side part that angles in toward the crown. Dry the hair completely, pulling it towards the face as you dry, then run a flat iron through it and finish with a hair wax or putty to create some separation and even more shine.

More on straightening hair with a flat iron

The copper highlights underneath the side panels add an understated drama. This can easily be achieved with a few foil highlights.

Ashlee Simpson in Concert at LAX Nightclub - Feb 2008

Bold red color and sultry, roughed up waves. Another hot hairstyle by Ashlee Simpson!

If you don't have a natural wave in your hair, you can achieve this look by bending large sections of hair loosely around the outside of a curling iron.

To finish the look, use a clay or wax product to remove most of the curl and rough things up a bit.

The clay is the best product if your hair is thick enough to handle the weight of it. Use your fingers to scrunch and slightly back-comb the hair.

Rub sections between your palms to separate and create that "lived in" texture of unbrushed hair. Then set the style with a finishing hairspray... only a little though, you still want it to move!

New Year's Celebration - Dec 2008

Here the part is brought closer to the center and the bangs are mostly grown out so they blend with the sides.

The casual waves can be scrunched into already wavy hair during the drying process. A product like 'Bumble and bumble Surf Spray' works well to coax a 'lived in' look out of clean hair.

Hair that is naturally straight can be wrapped around the outside of a curling iron barrel in random sections.

Make sure there's some product in the hair first and don't hold the hair too firmly or too long around the barrel so that the curl formation is loose.

Focus the curl on the mid-strand, giving the ends just a slight wave. Then scrunch through with a wax product to finish.

Celebrity Hair Style Demo

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