Asymmetric Hair Cut

Add Intrigue With a Bold New Hair Style

An asymmetric hair cut is basically longer on one side than the other...on purpose. And this edgy hair style trend just keeps getting more extreme!

Bold exploration is the name of the game.

This style can be done on a range of hair lengths from a short cut, a bob or a longer, layered style.

The angles can range from soft and gently sloping to an extreme plunge.

This hot new hair style is a great way to add interest and liven up your look.

Asymmetic bob hair style. Asymmetic layered hair style. Asymmetic bob hair style.

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This year, asymmetrical bangs are hot. Blunt cut or heavily textured, a sloping bang adds interest and can highlight your features nicely.

Styling options are plentiful. Whether worn smooth, curly, or packed with volume, this hairstyle makes a statement. Dramatic hair color adds even more impact to this style, as shown in the middle photo above.


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