Avant Garde Hair

Outside the Box Styles

Avant Garde hair is a chance for stylists to showcase their talents and flex creative muscles.

Mostly done at hair shows and in competition, these styles are a feast for the eyes! One of my favorite aspects of the hair industry.

These styles are not intended for everyday wear.

They are unorthodox, sometimes outlandish sculptural creations that test the limits of hair as an artist's medium.

Fancy Hats

avant-garde hairstyle avant-garde hairstyle

These high volume styles are a great imitation of a couple of elaborate ladies hats. The ruffled effect in the style on the left mimics an arrangement of curls with a decorative hat perched askew at the crown.

On the right, hair is braided (most likely around a wire frame) in a diamond mesh pattern forming a wide hat brim.

Rolled Just Right

avant-garde hairstyle avant-garde hairstyle

Usually when we think of a hair 'roll' we envision a classic french twist. Well these innovative styles take the concept to another dimension. On the right, rolled sections of different colors and sizes are arranged in place of a fringe while erratic corkscrew curls provide an interesting contrast.

On the right, Princess Leia-esque matching large rolls with a few long, straight lengths left to dangle, adding an 'untamed' feel to the style.

On the Wild Side

avant-garde hairstyle avant-garde hairstyle

Lots of backcombing is the foundation of these styles, but it's the details that make them a style rather than just a mass of hair. Some crimping, pinning, twisting and refining to create a pleasing shape. Then an eye-catching accessory, and 'presto'... a work of art!

Loops and Waves

avant-garde hairstyle avant-garde hairstyle avant-garde hairstyle

These styles are sculptural and beautiful. I've put them in the avant garde hair gallery because they are just a bit too ornate to be considered practical for party hair or our updos galleries.

Networks of polished waves and connected loops are used in genius fashion in these hairstyles. There is balance, precision and intrigue all rolled up in a stunning package. Beautiful work. Enjoy! (click to enlarge for a closer look)

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