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Bob Hair Cut Timeless, Classic Hair Style Trend

The bob hair cut is huge these past few years. It's a look that has shown up throughout history, in many different forms from conservative crops with their air of innocence to edgy precision cut versions.


Your bob should be carefully crafted to fit with your hair texture. Find a shape that will accentuate your unique facial structure, or highlight a long, beautiful neck.

This versatile style can range from ear length to shoulder skimming. It's best for straight or slightly wavy hair. Perfect for fine hair because it adds fullness and prevents the straggly look fine hair can have when it gets too long.

Below we describe the different elements that come into play when cutting a bob hairstyle on each individual head of hair...


Graduated bob

A bob hair cut is not always all-one-length. The graduated version, which is layered at the edges, gives this style a rounded shape, adding more volume to the top and sides.

Communicate with your stylist about both the length AND the shape of the style you'd like to achieve. The clearer your mutual understanding is, the better your cut will turn out.

Curly Hair


If your hair is curly, a bob can take on the look of a triangle, widening at the bottom in an unflattering way. Have your stylist layer it to alter that shape and move the weight to an area that would suit your features.

Try out new hair styles and colors on your own photo. Find your next look without the commitment.

A-Line Bob

Change up the cut with a diagonal forward slant (cut shortest in the back and angled down to longer lengths at the front). This refers to the perimeter line of the cut, not necessarily the layers throughout. So an A-line bob can be graduated (as explained above) or blunt, all one length.

An uneven perimeter length, or, asymmetric hair cut is also very hot right now. And, to make it interesting, your bob can be both A-line AND asymmetric! So much fun!


Only opt for the bangs with this hair style if it works with your facial structure. A heavy fringe can be overwhelming on those with a short forehead or small, close-set eyes.

Your stylist should be able to help you find the perfect bob for your face, hair and lifestyle. And if you're feeling a little more groovy baby... incorporate a mod feel into your bob hair cut.

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More Detail

A bob hair cut is given a more polished look when it is straightened. Read our tips for using a flat iron to smooth and straighten hair without exessive damage. Not all flat irons perform to the same standards. Browse our list of high quality hair straightening irons at a range of price points.
Round brush styling is a nice option for creating some volume and enhancing the shape of the style. If you have had trouble with round brushing, read our tips for success. Here's the biggest secret... don't use a round brush! Use a hot air brush instead. They're much easier to maneuver and don't lead to the same level of arm fatigue that using a round brush and hair dryer does.
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