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Find a bridal updo in our gallery of styles below.

Up-swept bridal hairstyles are beautiful and versatile. They range from simple to intricate, and can make a bold statement about just how darn special you are on your wedding day!

Think about the overall look you want to portray. Also, consider how your bridal hairstyle will coordinate with the style and cut of your wedding gown.

If you're wearing a headpiece, veil, or other hair accessory, be sure to bring it with you for your hairstyle consultation. Your stylist will want to plan ahead of time on how they'll work it into the style.

See a selection of bridal hair accessories here

Bridal Updos

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Bridal hairstyle
A vintage feel with sweeping fringe and forward placement of the tiara. All other hair is pulled up and pinned into a flattering collection of loops.
Bridal hairstyle
Hair is curled loosely or set in large rollers. Side sections around the face are left out and the fringe is pulled back. Waves are pulled up loosely and allowed to spill over the tiara.
Bridal hairstyle
Front and side lengths are pulled off the face. Ends are curled and secured high in the back with a few spirals left to dangle, adding interest and volume to the style. A simple headband is placed on top with the veil attaching underneath the updo.
Bridal hairstyle
Hair is pulled straight back. Curls and loosely braided sections are secured at the back with a veil attached underneath. A classic bridal style. Understated and elegant.
Bridal hairstyle
Hair is pulled back in sections and pinned in large, smooth loops. A few dramatic accessories add impact without taking away from the hair design.
Bridal hairstyle
A regal stack of loopy curls, secured high on the head are a nice balance to the full veil attached underneath. The simple crystal tiara complements the updo.

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