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Which Style Will You Choose For Your Wedding Hair?

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On your wedding day, you may choose to have your hair professionally styled.

This means consulting with your stylist and communicating your needs clearly and effectively. Also listening to ideas he/she has for your particular hair type.

We're artists, we have a bounty of ideas, but a good stylist will want to make sure you feel confident and beautiful in the wedding hair style you choose.

Which is why a good consultation is critical. If your hairstylist is simply not on the same page in terms of ideas, find a different one.

Start this process early, even a year before your wedding so that you have plenty of time to stylist shop and/or grow out your hair for a specific bridal hairstyle.

Elegant bridal hair style.

When choosing your wedding day hair style, consider the overall feel you want to portray. Think of a descriptive term(s) to identify your theme or mood...

  • Romantic
  • Sophisticated
  • Demure
  • Funky
  • Classic
  • Elegant
  • Sensual

Relate these terms to your stylist and by all means, bring photos of potential bride hair styles, even if only one element matches what you envision... at least you have something concrete to show your stylist.

Expect to pay for both the trial/consultation and the actual wedding day styling. Both take time, which is essentially what you're paying for. (some may offer incentives, so ask, but don't assume the services are combined).

Bride Hair Style Considerations

  • Make sure the stylist who does your consultation/trial is the one who will be doing your bride hair style on the big day. I've seen it happen often that the client is inexplicably switched to another stylist. Prevent this by clarifying it at your trial. Shouldn't even have to be said, I know, but make a point of mentioning it anyways.

  • Wear a button up shirt so that you don't have an oopsie trying to squeeze out of a t-shirt and not mess up your hair.

  • Wash your hair the night before and arrive with it completely dry, free of product, and ready to go.

  • Have your hair colored and your facial waxing 1 week before the wedding day and your manicure/pedicure the day of or day before the wedding.

  • Take a photograph of the trial hair style so both you and your stylist have a reminder. It can be weeks between the trial bride hair style and the actual wedding day, which means your stylist could have seen a couple hundred heads since then...a refresher will help guarantee you get the style you're expecting.

  • Bring a photo of you in your dress to the trial and the wedding day appointment. This will help the stylist create a style that'll suit your dress and theme.
Consider Your Features

Brides often have all their hair pulled back in a sleek, elegant bun or chignon. This may seem harsh, but I've seen it too many times not to mention it...

Unless you have a very beautiful face, striking, proportional features, and a nice looking hairline, opt for something else. The main reason for this is that in most of your photos, you'll be shot head on, and this particular hair style is one that needs to be seen in 360 degrees to be fully appreciated. In photos, it can look rather severe, and un-flattering.

Try a style with some height and softness, something that compliments your features and your dress. If you have an open neck, or open back dress, leave some (or all) of the hair down. Planning and brainstorming in the months before your wedding will help ensure you end up with a bride hair style you'll be thrilled to see in photographs for generations to come.

Add Impact With Accessories

A great way to compliment the theme of your hairstyle and make it adequately formal for your wedding day is to use accessories in your hair.

A bridal tiara, decorative comb, or simple hairsticks and pins can make a huge impact on your finished look. carries a nice collection of reasonably priced bridal hair accessories to incorporate into your wedding hair style. A quality piece can become a family heirloom, passed on to future brides, or cherished privately as a symbol of your special day.

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