Celebrity Hairstyles How-to

Photos and Tips for How To Get The Look!

Celebrity hairstyles are a great source of inspiration.

Some celebs are as famous for their hair as their acting or singing performances.

They give life to new trends by frequently changing their hairstyle and experimenting with new hair colors.

Others have settled into a signature look and fab it up now and then for an event.

Feature Hairstyle!

Victoria Beckham's poxie haircut.

Victoria Beckham has reinvented herself again. And her new look has quickly gained notoriety as the 'poxie' (Posh pixie) haircut.

Stay on top of the hot new hairstyles Hollywood's elite are sporting.

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Female Celebs

Paris Hilton
Gwen Stefani
Ashlee Simpson
Halle Berry (4)
Lindsay Lohan (5)
Rihanna 1 2 3

See more male, female and vintage celebrity hair styles.

Celebrity Hair Style Demo

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