Colored Hair Extensions Flashy and Fun!

Colored hair extensions are a simple and fun way to jazz up a hairstyle without the damage of bleaching and coloring to achieve these bright tones.

Bright orange colored clip in hair extension

They come in a variety of colors and lengths so they're easily customizable depending on the look you want to achieve.

With the popularity of this hair trend, there are oodles of products available to those wanting to add temporary colored hair extensions.

But, some of these products are better quality than others.

This pages details some of the best options available and provides information on what to consider when choosing which product will work best for your needs.

What to look for

Look for hair that is tangle free, soft and without the shiny look many synthetics have.

Colored hair extensions made from human hair are usually the best quality and can withstand heat styling without damage.

Though some synthetics are so good it's hard to distinguish them from those made with real hair. (See our recommendations below)

Temporary hair pieces clip-in wherever you want a bit of extra interest. Make sure you attach them to an underlayer of hair to disguise the clip. This also allows the colored hair to peek out from underneath, making for a more cohesive look.

Stylist trimming colored clip in hair extension Stylist trimming colored clip in hair extension To personalize your pieces (especially for shorter hair), you can have a hair stylist trim your extension pieces to blend with your natural length and hairstyle.

If you use curling irons or flat irons on your hair, make sure you find clip-ins that can withstand the heat.

Some will respond well to heat styling, some will melt. If you are concerned about this, get clip-ins made with human hair rather than synthetic. (See recommendations below)

Where to buy colored hair extensions

As the popularity of this fun hair accessory grows, there are versions (of varying quality) popping up everywhere. As with all hair products, some perform far better than others.

Below are some of the most highly rated colored hair extensions available from a few of our favorite online beauty retailers. All of these come in a variety colors and are top-notch quality. Check out the reviews and find a product that will suit your needs...

The 'Hi-Lite' collection from come in several bright colors (pink, magenta, purple, bright red, and royal blue) and an easy to apply clip. The hair is soft and not prone to tangling, which sets these apart from other synthetic hair extensions.

Being that the hair is synthetic, these pieces can NOT be styled with any sort of heat appliances. So do your straightening or other styling before applying the 'Hi-Lites.'

HUMAN HAIR sells HairDo Pop Strips, which are made with human hair and can easily withstand heat styling and washing.

The colors (pink, blue, purple, and amethyst) are slightly more muted than some brightly colored extensions, which makes them blend with the natural hair color a little better.

Unlike some human hair extensions which require the user to attach their own clip or use an adhesive glue, these come with the clip attached. This makes them super simple to use and extremely versatile.

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