Curly Hair Styles Are Back

Learn to Create Curls or Tame the Ones You Have!

Women have been creating curly hair styles by setting hair for centuries.

Think braids, which have long been used to create a unique wave pattern.

New products, methods and tools for creating curls offer variety for hair of any texture and almost any length.

Now curls come in all shapes and sizes. See our gallery of long curly hairstyles.

Try setting your hair to...

Long, wavy blonde hair style.

  • Add curl to incessantly straight locks.

  • Smooth and tame wild curly hair styles.

  • Create body and movement in fine, limp hair.

  • Glam it up for a special event.

  • Experiment with fun new textures.

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Any length of hair can be vamped up with curls. You can add curl to medium length, even short hair styles! If it's long enough to bend around the roller once or twice, it'll set well.

A myriad of things can take on the role of roller. Hot rollers, Velcro's, bendies, rags, you get the idea. You can even create curls with nothing but clips to secure twisted or pin curled sections.

The results you get with your curly hair styles will depend on the quality of your set.

There are a few simple rules for effective wrapping regardless of the tool you use. How you secure your sections, though, will vary with your chosen method. Both elements are equally important.

This page details techniques on roller setting to create curly hair

Always do a roller set on dry hair. Setting rollers on wet hair means long drying times (were talking several hours) and it's harder to prevent clip marks and blend parted sections which can resemble a grid pattern on your scalp... not a good look!

If your hair is freshly washed use an appropriate pre-drying hair product for your hair type and blow it thoroughly dry.

For hair that's very curly or tends to be frizzy, use a natural bristle paddle hair brush to smooth it out a bit before setting... especially around the part and hairline.

Ironic isn't it?

Smoothing out your curls to create a curly hair style. Hmmm... But truly, it's the way to go for a silky, defined curl.


The following articles will help you with your curly hair pursuits. Whether it's how to do a roller set, which products to use, or how to manage natural curl, you'll find more detail here...

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