Easy Hair Styles

Styling Naturally Curly or Wavy Hair

Easy hair styles using your own natural curl are quick, simple and stylish. A surprising number of people have some amount of wave or curl in their hair that they are unaware of.

Pictured below is one of my clients who spent the first 25 years of her life believing she had "poker straight hair".

And while straight hair is also easy to style, it can quickly become a bore.

She was flirting with the idea of cutting it all off for a change so we decided to heavily layer and texturize it first (keeping the length), just to see what was possible...

Straight hair style before layering and texturizing Wavy hair after layering and texturizing Wavy hair after layering and texturizing

And Voila! A head full of voluptuous waves had been
lurking under that straight facade all these years!

Complete Guide to Growing Longer and Healthier Curly Hair
Complete Guide to Growing Longer and Healthier Curly Hair
This book is packed with useful tips for curly hair care.

Issues like hairline breakage, lack of moisture, brittleness, curl-killing buildup and more are covered in this in-depth, curly hair encyclopedia.

If you have straight-ish hair, scrunch it from ends to roots, squeezing the hair in a hand towel.

Try the curly hair style techniques if you see even the slightest bend in your hair. To encourage curl in hair that seems reluctant, try a shorter style with some layering and texturizing which'll lighten any weighty areas.

Even fine hair can have weighty areas and easy hair styles that fall correctly begin with a good haircut.

If you have curly or wavy hair, you're well aware of the common pitfalls: unruly cowlicks and rampant frizz. Having a good curly hair product will help to smooth and control your hair.

There are a host of other things you can do to remedy those snags in your style. Even easy hair styles have their challenges. Check out these suggestions for conquering frizzy hair and follow the curly hair style techniques for great curls.

Try out new hair colors and styles on your own photo.
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