Emo Hair

The History, The Culture And How To Get The Look!

Like many other popular hair styles, emo hair began as a trend seen in the music industry.

The phrase "Emo" was formed in association with a certain type of music.

It's a relatively new style that first appeared in the 1980's and became more mainstream in the beginning of the new millennium.

Emo grew into a culture -- a place of belonging for the "misunderstoods" -- those who had little interest in "fitting in" with the traditional cliques.

The music is arguably targeted at teenagers who are going through rough patches in life.

The Style

Guys Emo hair style.

Emo hair is a "unisex" style with a very specific look -- short-ish in the back, graduating down to a long, heavy, sweeping fringe that covers one eye.

Straight hair is best for this look. If your hair has some wave, you'll benefit from using a straightening iron.

The shorter hair at the back is spiked upward -- sometimes a little, sometimes A LOT.


Traditional emo hair is black, but as the style has evolved, many variations have developed. Variations in both style and color. Bright highlights woven into the hair add a vibrant touch to personalize the look even more.


Womens Emo hair style.

Many people who are not followers of Emo music have adopted the look simply because they like the style.

A milder version, still maintaining the feel of the Emo style, is an option for those who don't want to take the look to the extreme. Some elements of the emo hairstyle are featured, but they are more moderate and better suited for an everyday look.

Without a doubt, the most important feature of emo hair is the long bangs sweeping off to one side. However, in the renewed and more popular versions, bangs don't need to be so overbearing.

Styling Techniques

Try this variation on the typical Emo fringe...

Long, heavily texturized bangs, sweeping over one side of the face, partially obscuring one eye. When texturized and shaped in a gradual slope, the look is less harsh than the traditional Emo style.

Use hair products like wax, clay and paste both before and after you dry your hair for best results. Emulsify your chosen product into your palms and rake it through, squeezing the hair between your fingers to add separation and define the texture.

As with many popular hair styles, the Emo hair style was first seen in the music industry. It was popular only within some elite groups - but since it's become more mainstream. Enjoy this look while it's still popular and look out for the next big trend in hair styles.


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