Faux Hawk Hair Style

Funk it Up With a Faux Mohawk

The faux hawk hair style, inspired by the more extreme mohawk, is a funky new hair style for both men and women.

The most widespread trend for men, hands down, this fun new look is extremely versatile... and works well with any length of hair.

No longer do you need to shave either side of your noggin down to a pasty white to get this great look.

This is a great style for some weekend fun, but can easily be tamed down or un-done altogether.

Womens faux hawk hair style on long hair. Womens temporary faux hawk hair style on long hair.

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Women with medium or long hair can simply backcomb the top sections to create the necessary height.

Then pin back the sides to accentuate the strip down the middle.

You'll need a strong hold hair spray to keep this style in place, and spray each section underneath as you're backcombing.

This style is best for fine to thick hair that is straight or slightly wavy. Not a good option for tightly curled hair unless it's straightened out first.

Mens faux hawk hair style. Womens faux hawk, long in the back.

Men who want to sport a faux hawk hair style (or women who want a slightly more "committed" style) have your stylist trim the sides relatively short, leaving more length in the center to create a peak.

If you go this route, you'll need to have alot of texturizing throughout to add movement. And you'll need a strong hold gel or hair paste to hold the style.

Mens faux hawk hair style. Womens faux hawk, very short on the sides.


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