Funky Hair Style Trends

Try One of These Fun Looks

A funky hair style is edgy and daring.

Great choice if you want to push the envelope and express your unique character with a trendy hair style.

This page contains photos and ideas for creating a fun, edgy hair style.

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Combining Textures to Add Interest


The thought of a funky hair style brings to mind a few words...

"Unique," "Unconventional," even "Bizarre"!

Take some risks with your hair style by mixing up different elements to create something truly original.

Make it fun and striking with a few of these ideas...


  • Straight lines with waves or kinks

  • Curled, crimped, or heavily texturized all over with straight bangs

  • Small braids added to straight or curly hair

  • Pseudo-dreads: created by twisting sections to separate. Coat your hands in a wax or clay first and go to town!

Disconnected Cuts and Extreme Length Differences


This funky hair style can take on many forms. Basically, sections are not blended to create a sculptural, angular look.

This photo is a combination of blunt lines around the face on a layered bob, but look closely and you'll see some extra length left at the jawline for added impact.

Try out new hair styles and colors on your own photo. Find your next look without the commitment.

Big and Wild Funky Hair Style


This look is funky and daring, and offers alot of room for individuality. Good backcombing skills are a must to create the volume in this hair style.

Use a hair wax, clay, or paste, something with a little grit, and a little hold.

Emulsify the product in your hands so there's a thin veil of product all over your palms and between your fingers. Then plunge right in there and move the hair around with an eye out for an appealing shape.

Don't strive for perfection, but do aim for an "artful" feel, and some sort of discernible shape. And a good hair spray is a must to hold this funky hair style in place.


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