Getting hair set for men

by Andrew

Anybody tried getting their set in rollers rather than having a perm.
It gives the same as a perm but you choose when you have it done.
Going to see if i can get in done in a salon rather than trying to do at home.

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Getting hair set for men

Sep 04, 2010
Hair set
by: Andrew

I had my hair set on rollers yesterday and the results were brilliant even the wife liked it!!! It took about an 60 minutes for it all to be done from start to finish and the effect was wavey curls and body. Washed then set in rollers using strong mouse to hold the curls and under the dryer for about 20-30 minutes, rollers removed and brushed out. So pleased arranged for it to be done again next week. Does mean you have to do it every time but gives the option of what you want to have and when. I have very straight hair so difficult to get the rollers in. Unsure about how long it will last but hope to get about 2-3 days. Give it a try perm results without the perm.

Mar 03, 2011
Roller Setting hair for men
by: Louis

I am a male age 47 here in the US and have been getting my hair permed for about 20+ years now. I usually get the perm done about every 3 months. I use the larger rods which gives a loose (body wave) curl. After about 6 weeks as the perm starts to loose some of the curl I will then get my hair set on rollers using rollers that are about 1/2" to 5/8" inches. I have several different salons in my area that I use for the roller sets. I am usually in and out in about an hour. Sometimes I will get a deep condition (using the dryer) which helps keep hair soft after the perm. Most of my friends just think I have naturally curley hair. Some of my female friends know my "secret" and love it. In fact several of my roller set stylist were referals. I like to use salons that are the small more traditional type "beauty parlors" Most of the fancy high-tech salons do not do roller sets and are over priced in thier services. I usually pay about $15 to $20 plus a tip. The great thing about a roller set is I can usually go about 3 to 4 days without washing my hair and it still looks fresh. Since I do have the perm it helps the set last longer. I just like the way my hair looks and feels after a roller set.

Aug 17, 2011
love my curls
by: steve

i have shoulder length hair and get my ends trimmed every 6 weeks followed by either a roller set or curling iron love the curls either way but with the roller set my curls last a few days longer but the curling iron i get softer more femmine curls there is also a male hairdresser with long hair below his shoulders and his hair is curled most days and its not unusual to see him in curlers under the dryer or in hot rollers or touching up with a curling iron his hair is as pretty as any womans

Dec 20, 2011
Love those sets
by: Anonymous

I have not had a perm for several years now. When I did perm my stylist tried many different rod sizes going from curly to loose body. Currently my is med. length and I have it set frequently so I can still have the curls most of the time. The reason I don't get the perms is because I regularly have it colored to hide the gray. Right now currently sporting a light ash blonde and getting a perm also would be hard on my hair. So for now I will have my standing appointment every week for sets at the salon and will maintain a setting schedule of 2-3 times weekly at home. Whem time permits I often will leave the rollers in all day or will sleep in them at night. Have had several looks from my neighbors if they catch my outsside with my hair up in rollers.. .

Jan 18, 2012
Ending the beauty parlor myth

I have been going to a beauty parlor for a wash and set for 12 years now and love it.When my natural curl fizzled in my 30s,I was left with a problem--so I went and got a perm---big mistake!
The set turned out great,but I had a very bad reaction to the perm lotions resulting in some hair loss and a massive itch that took a long time to go away. When it was suggested to me "Why don't you just get a wash and set every week?" I started to set my own hair for a time with those C-clamp curlers and got a great result.However,the time it took me to set up the bathroom with the curlers,the lotions,the mirrors and the patience was really a chore.I would either have to have my hair up in curlers all day long(doing indoor work)which I liked,or sleep in them all night which I hated.Even when I got a bonnet attachment for my hand-held hairdryer it was easier--but still alot of work!
When I went into a beauty parlor and asked for a roller set,I was welcomed with open arms,AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I was at one place for 9 1/2 years until my hairdresser got ill from to alll sprays and perm lotions that she used on others,so she sold the place and left the craft.I am now past 2 years on my second regular beauty parlor and the same wonderful nice atmosphere is there.It's a bigger place with more stylists and customers,but I love it just as much.
To go into a beauty parlor and have my hair washed and set by a pro stylist is FANTASTIC.the conversations that I have with the women when we're all under the dryers together is wonderful--NO ODD QUESTIONS,NO PUZZLED STARES,NO BAD VIBES OF ANY KIND.I is such a very relaxing feeling to sit and have my hair done by someone else-THE MYTH IS GONE------BEAUTY PARLORS AREN"T JUST FOR WOMEN ANYMORE.

Feb 05, 2012
Weekly Roller Set
by: Anonymous

I have been going to the local beauty salon weekly for about the last 10 years for my weekly shampoo set and I enjoy it very much. I have met many people at the salon and they can't believe how great myn hair turns. If I miss a week the ladies that I have met always asked the next week where I was. Once in awhile I will get someone that makes a comment that they don't like the fact that I am in a beauty salon getting a roller set. Beauty Salons are for women not men. The styist that does my hair tells them that my money is green also. Sometimes if I have something special going on I will get a fancy updo and it always looks great. As they say whatever works just do it.

Feb 11, 2012
Young boy love my hair set
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a 10 year old boy and my mom sets my hair most days. I've been having sets since I was 5 and love the feel,

Feb 28, 2012
Setting hubby's hair
by: Traci_cheer

I think it’s fantastic that more men are not only using rollers but actually getting shampoos-n-sets at the salon! I got my husband to have his hair curled for our wedding, 3 years ago, and he got a ton of compliments. It looked so great that I insisted he keep it curled fulltime. He has gorgeous auburn hair, just at his shoulders. I do his hair in hot rollers every morning. About a year ago I got him to try a shampoo-n-set with my stylist – he looked fabulous after and now we do a weekly his-n-her salon roller set! I just love sitting with him under the dryers in our curlers! I love the different styles I can do him in after his hair’s curled – back in a headband, up in a high ponytail, etc. When we don’t make it to the salon I usually do us both in Velcro rollers and we’ll spend the day like that – we’ll even pop out to the market & the nail salon in our rollers! I think more men should wear their long and in “women’s” styles.

Mar 02, 2012

I fully agree that more types of hairdos should be worn by both sexes.The looks are simply wonderful.There are many times that I pass a woman with a great hairdo and wonder how great it would be for me to have my hair done like that.-but society
still has its' male/female standards.
The fact that I can go into a beauty parlor today and get my hair done with a wash and set is simply FANTASTIC,even though I'm still limited on the haido I get (without any odd looks from people in public).The bar shoud be set higher--there are alot of great sets/haidos that look good on either sex,and there are even some cuts that look great for either.A woman can get a crewcut,so why can't a man get a wedge cut??

Mar 06, 2012
Weekly wash and set
by: jeffie

I am so glad to see more guys getting roller sets. I have been going to my current salon for at least 8 years for a weekly (or more if needed) wash and set. I love the process and love how it looks when It's done. I've gotten to know many of the ladies who have there appt at about the same time and it is very nice. It is part of my normal routine now. I can't imagine not having my hair set anymore, I'm hooked! If anyone is considering getting a set, go for it! I would suggest a smaller, older salon who do regular roller sets. I am pretty sure they won't mind, just call ahead and ask. Good luck!

Mar 27, 2012
some hairdos look great on anyone
by: Joseph

The days that I dreamed of going to a beauty parlor and having my hair professionally done(wash and set) go way back.There's just something about the power of curlers that is so wonderful.When I look in the mirror after my hair is dry and the curlers come out,I look FANTASTIC without all of the work that it took me to set my own hair.
When I used to set my own hair,it needed the right time--because it took ALOT of time.I DO NOT RECOMMEND that anyone (girls or guys) set in those C-clamp curlers--the hardness and the inner combs give you a bad headache,
esp. if you try to sleep in them.Most curlers are not for that.The freedom that I have to just walk in to a beauty parlor and have my hair done like one of the girls is a HUGE thing and so easy.I get many compliments from people on how great my hair looks.Even when I go to the beauty supply store for hairspray or a sleeping cap(to protect my great hairdo all week),the women there all ask me "Where do you get your hair done?" or "That's a great roller set,I thought it was a perm".I wish more hairdos could be considered as "unisex",they look and feel so great.

Mar 29, 2012
shampoo and set
by: roller chap

I also enjoy the occasional shampoo and set and find the older salons have the experience to set my hair properly. Nothing beats walking out of the salon with a great looking hair style though I have resorted to wearing a headscarf on the wet windy days. Some people might make a comment but in my experience most seem ok with a male in rollers in salon. Nice to see so much postive discussion on this topic here.

Apr 02, 2012
our hair is our business
by: Joseph

Hair is hair,nomatter what sex we are.I just love the freedom I have to simply walk into a beauty parlor and get my hair washed and roller set just like all the women in there,and I'm one of the group.I love it.
It is so good to sit in a chair while someone else sets my hair in the small rollers.My curly hairdo gets good comments from many people.Even when I go to the beauty supply store for haispray or a night cap,the women will ask me "Is that a perm or do you get roller set??" the 1" hoop earrings that I wear every day go well with the hairdo,and there are all positve comments and looks.It's such a freeing wonderful feeling.

Apr 02, 2012
Husband in rollers
by: Stacy in Seattle

It’s sweet that more men are discovering the “joys” of shampoos-&-roller-sets. My husband was kept in curls fulltime by his mother, from the age of 5 on till he was about 12. She set his hair at home on brush curlers and he had to sit under one of those old-fashioned bonnet dryers, but she also took him to her salon for a weekly shampoo-&-set. He said it was embarrassing at first, sitting under the dryer in curlers with all the women in the salon, but he soon got used to it and the ladies at the salon treated him very nicely. He has had long hair most of his life, and after we got together he let me know that he still set his hair frequently. I found it odd at first but after a while I realized it’s harmless, and he looks lovely in his big bouncy curls! We’ve tried to re-create his childhood experiences – I even purchased a bonnet dryer from I set his hair almost every night, and we have a standing weekly appointment at our salon for his-n-hers roller sets. The younger stylists really enjoy doing roller sets and I have definitely seen them coming back into style for women. We have yet to see another man enjoying his “curler time” at the salon but I’m sure it’s more common than most people realize. I look forward to walking into a salon and seeing a line of men under the dryers, with their hair in curlers, getting their nails done!

Apr 04, 2012
Curler Time
by: Joseph

Yes,my "curler time" as it's called now is wonderful.Women have such a good "Down Time" in the beauty parlor,and now that I,A MALE CUSTOMER,have the great weekly experience of it,is fantastic.I understand them fully.
There is just such a freeing feeling to simply go into my beauty parlor every week to get my hair done.The process of being washed and set in curlers,then being under the dryer for 45 minutes with other CUSTOMERS either doing puzzles from my book or talking to others IS JUST WONDERFUL,The feeling of being pampered is very relaxing,and if I need to go to the bathroom,get a snack or a drink of water,I simply lift up the dryer hood and go over there.My hair is in curlers,SO WHAT,it's just a freeing feeling to move around.
Once,and ONLY ONCE,I stepped outside my house when my hair was still set in my old C-clamp curlers(before my reguar beauty parlor visits started) just to let my hair AIR DRY .It was night,so nobody really saw me,I just needed the freedom of movement in the summer air to see and feel what it was like(I went all the way around the block)----I was stuck sleeping with my hair still set in those curlers since I didn't have a regular dryer.All went well,BUT I DON'T SEE WHY SOME WOMEN GO OUT IN PUBLIC WHILE STILL IN CURLERS.They get in the way sometimes,and you might forget your hair is up if you see a certain person.Sometimes a women will come up to me and say she didn't have a dryer either(and her set hair looks nice),but it's just an odd thing to do.
I'll NEVER sleep in curlers again,but I now enjoy the beauty parlor life and that is much better than sleeiping in curlers.

May 08, 2012
by: Anonymous



May 08, 2012
dressing up is good to a point
by: Joseph

Getting your hair done in styles that are mostly female related is fine,but the dressing up does have its' limitations.When I was younger and my natural curl fizzled,I experimented with dressing up when I used to set my hair in those C-clamp curlers,and it was a real chore.
When I went outside fully dressed in a wonderful black dress,my favorite hoop earrings and my hair still set in my curlers,it was just to see how well the air-drying would go and to get the "Dressing In Drag" out of my system.Women do have to go through alot to fully dress propery(bra,slip,pads,shoes ect.),and I really have to give them alot of credit.This is why when I'm at the beauty parlor and I see alot of women "dressing down" I can easily see why.I love getting my hair done every week and my hoop earring really match well with my hairdo----BUT IT ENDS THERE.

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