Gwen Stefani Hairstyles

Gwen Stefani hairstyles run the gamut from soft and pretty to edgy and eclectic. Whatever the look of the day, his rocker makes a statement with her hair.

This page features a handful of vastly different versions of Gwen's hairstyles along with tips to re-create each look.

Get inspired by this fashionista's diverse style.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008 - L.A.M.B. Fashion Show

Gwen is sleek and classy in this vintage inspired updo hairstyle.

To get the look, set the hair in large rollers. Then brush out and smooth back from the face. Backcomb the back sections and smooth the top sections, pulling all hair into a high ponytail near the crown. Secure loosely.

Separate the bottom section (about 1/3) of your ponytail and lightly backcomb that section all the way to the ends to fatten the section up a bit. Then sweep it up and around (loosely) the base of your ponytail. Tuck in the ends and secure underneath. If your hair is very fine, you can use a hairpiece for this.

Finally, backcomb the remaining 2/3 of the ponytail to puff it up. Separate it into 3 sections, lightly combing each section to tidy any evidence of backcombing, then loosely braid the sections.

Loop the braid back up to the base of the ponytail, giving it a little twist on the way and pin it into place against the scalp in a few places from top to bottom.

The Aviator Premiere
The Aviator Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
NRJ Music Awards 2007
NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France 2007

Voluptuous curls create a playful, feminine look. This is a fun style that works for both casual and more formal events.

Set the hair in small rollers, or use a curling iron to create spiral curls throughout. Rollers are the best option because it's easier to get volume at the scalp with a roller set.

Separate the curls with a wax or putty, smoothing and defining individual tendrils. A bit of hairspray will help set the style.

Avoid touching the hair a bunch after spraying it. Most of your styling should be done with the putty. The hairspray is strictly for finishing and giving that little extra oomph to complete the look.

Autograph signing London 2007

Here, Gwen Stefani rocks a simple, casual pony!

To get this look, backcomb all the top and crown sections starting behind the bangs.

After backcombing, run the brush lightly over top to smooth things out and get the hair moving in the right direction.

Gather all hair into a ponytail at mid/back. The way you hold the hair before securing it will give you the final shape of your ponytail.

Hold the bottom and side sections more tightly and loosen up on the top so that you maintain the height (and shape) that the backcombing lends.

After wrapping a hairband around the pony, pull the sides of the tail apart near the bottom to tighten the sides/bottom even more, accentuating the height in the crown.

New York City 2007

Loose waves are gathered into a casual updo and given a glam edge with a deep side part and sweeping bang.

Set hair in rollers before styling to get a more cooperative foundation. This helps to establish some shape and volume to the style.

Then it's just a matter of some light backcombing in the top/crown sections and loosely gathering and pinning sections into place at the back.

Leave a few lively tendrils out at the sides for a more modern/casual look.

Launch of clothing line Hollywood 2005

This pretty and classic style is a perfect way to dress up a mid length bob hairstyle.

Rollers work best for creating this type of bouncy curl. And the way the rollers are set, especially around the face, will determine the shape of the style.

Read our how-to on roller setting to create curly hair styles. Especially the wrapping techniques.

Celebrity Hair Style Demo

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