Hair Accessories Make A Style Statement

Hair accessories can be worn in countless ways!

And they make a statement about who you are... or who you feel like being in that moment anyways. ;)

A bright bold flower tucked behind the ear is playful, whereas a thin unadorned headband is more conservative.

Hats and scarves are great hair accessories to add that extra touch to an outfit. They're also oh-so-handy for keeping hair contained on those challenging hair days.

Have a look at our gallery of accessorized hairstyles and suggestions for using hair bling below.

Things to consider


Remember when using hair accessories that 'less is more.' It can be tempting to keep adding past the point of cuteness and pushing into the realm of overkill, especially in the case of small clips and barrettes. And flowers. It's so easy to get carried away with flowers.


It's worth a few extra dollars to invest in quality accessories that won't have rough edges or other poor design qualities that could be damaging to your hair. The more frequently you plan on wearing the item, the more important quality craftsmanship is. carries a huge assortment of hair accessories ranging from simple pins, elastics and headbands to luxury clips and adorable hats!

Put It Out There

Find a piece that you LOVE, and work it into your hairstyle the next time you're feeling adventurous. Wearing a big, bright flower or a boldly printed scarf can be intimidating for some of the less extroverted personalities out there.

So experiment at home to get comfortable seeing yourself in your decorations. Once you have a look you like, wear it with confidence!


  • How to Backcomb
    A critical skill for getting hair accessories to 'anchor' into the hair properly and build the volume necessary for the look you want to achieve.

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