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Pick A Shade, Any Shade!

Find a hair color picture to help you decide on the shade you really want.

Hair colors can be difficult to describe to your stylist.

The best way to ensure you get the depth and tone you picture in your mind?

Bring in a photo to show your stylist during the consultation.

Blonde hair color picture. Brown hair color picture. Red hair color picture.

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To tell your stylist...

"I want a goldy-brownish color,"


"I'd like to try a sort of auburn shade,"

... is risky.

Their perception of "goldy-brownish" may be entirely different from yours.

Same with trying to nail down a blonde shade.

Do you want ash blonde, golden blonde, beige blonde, champagne blonde, dark sandy blonde, or platinum blonde? Hmmmm?

Complicated? Yes, indeed. That's why we've added these pages, which provide photos of hair colors and descriptions of the shade. Broken down into the following categories...

Blonde Hair Style

Shades of Brunette
Red Hair Color

Hair Color Trends

Try out hair styles and colors on your own photo.

Hair Coloring Books

These books provide more advanced information on the art and science of hair coloring. Learn color theory, corrective color, mixing formulas, application techniques, etc. Both are written by experienced, professional cosmetologists.

For best results (and to avoid common color mishaps), make sure your hair is ready for the color.

Minerals from water, chlorine from swimming pools, and build-up from styling products can all impede the haircolor formula's ability to do it's thing.

Use Joico K-Pak Chelating Shampoo before coloring to help eliminate these impurities.

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