Hair Coloring Pictures

Highlight and Lowlight Process

This page features hair coloring pictures of a foiling process for your reference.

See our gallery of blonde, red, and brunette shades here for help in choosing a color.

The process demonstrated on this page was done with foils from the temples up, and solid dark brown hair color from the temples down.

The foils were used to highlight the hair blonde while adding color back with permanent brown hair color in the alternating foils.

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Hair Coloring Pictures


This hair color was done at the end of summer. The client's hair is very-porous and over-highlighted to the point where it's become an all-over blonde with little color dimension.

The tone, as is common with blonde hair color, is slightly brassy and her regrowth is an ash tone.

She wanted a multi-tonal color, highlighted and lowlighted on top, and a solid very dark brown underneath.


Step 1
Multiple sections were weaved and foiled above the temples. Blonde and medium brown colors were alternated to add dimension and bring back some depth to the color.

All foils were then clipped up out of the way, and the dark brown color was applied from the temples/occipital bone down.

It's important to ensure that those blonde pieces don't dangle down into any of the dark color that is applied in the bottom section. Use duckbill clips (or even small metal clips) to position those strands in a safe spot.


Step 2
This photo shows a good view of the solid dark brown color applied to all underneath sections.

The hair must be parted in about half inch sections and color applied right from the root through to the ends.

This is especially important when covering over blonde, porous hair. If you miss a spot, it'll be obvious in the finished hair color...and not in a good way.


Step 3
Once the colors have processed to the appropriate stage, the foils are removed and the hair color and bleach are rinsed well. A semi-permanent ash based color is applied as a toner, only to the roots, as the ends being over-porous will absorb the purple/grey tone from the toner.

The objective of the toner is to match the newly bleached pieces to the blonde that is left on the ends. Adding the medium brown foils throughout the top sections brings some dimension back to the over-blonde ends.


Step 4
The hair was then shaped into a nice layered style, which updates the look and showcases the color.

Unfortunately, because of the black T-shirt, it's difficult to see the dark sections underneath, but they're there. And they add alot of dimension and personality to this hair color.

As these hair coloring pictures show, this highlight/lowlight process gives the client a much more mature and refined look. Because of the dark sections, this hair color should last for up to 3 months as the re-growth will be nicely disguised because there isn't such a contrast between the all-over blonde and the ashy re-growth.

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