Hair Combs Get The Best For Your Needs

Hair combs range wildly in both quality and price.

From inexpensive plastic, roughly molded mass-produced combs to high-end, hand-crafted versions with polished teeth and painstaking attention paid to every construction detail.

I've always stuck somewhere in the middle.

Below are some inexpensive to mid-range hair combs for different uses.

Detangling Combs

Wide-tooth detangling comb. This one is a must if you've got long hair. Great for combing through conditioning treatments as well as general detangling.

detangling comb

Mebco Tortoise
Shower Detangler

Mason Pearson
Detangling Comb

Tail Comb

Tail comb for backcombing, sectioning hair for styling or crafting updo's.

These combs work well for creating a zig-zag, or directional part in the hair and are essential for weaving sections when highlighting hair with foils.

Backbrushing instructions

Everyday Comb

Great every day comb for the whole family to use.

Finely spaced teeth on one end and wider spacing on the other end makes this comb perfect for fine to thick hair.

Quality really is apparent with well built tools like Mason Pearson creates. This one will last you awhile.

Multi-purpose Comb Set

A variety of high quality combs, each with a unique purpose.

Great to have if you're really into hair...styling your own hair, trimming your family's or friends, pampering yourself with deep conditioning hair treatments.

There is a comb here for all of your needs and they're well built so you won't have to replace them with new combs for a long time.

Need help finding something?

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