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Read hair product reviews by other visitors to Style Hair Magazine. Find out what works so you can invest your dollars into effective products, rather than collecting a cupboard full of duds.

Is there a hair product that you just can't live without? Something that has made a monumental difference in the appearance or manageability of your hair?

Let our readers know about it!

How To Submit

Simply fill in the form below and rave about your favorite hair product. Include details on any/all of the following... *Form currently unavailable*

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  • manufacturer and name of product (ex., Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo)

  • characteristics of the product (ex., deep conditioner, hair wax, shampoo, etc.)

  • what hair type you think it's best suited for

  • how you use the product (ex., wet or dry hair, finishing, etc.) including any special styling tip(s) you've discovered

  • a photo of your style after using the product

The ultimate goal of these hair product reviews is to help our visitors wade through the overwhelming slew of products available today.

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