Hair Roots: The Ombre Hair Color Trend

Are hair roots a cause for anxiety in your world? If so, then the ombre hair color trend may be just the ticket to quell your regrowth concerns.

The ombre (meaning 'shaded' en Francais) hair color effect is becoming quite popular amongst celebrities and hair enthusiasts everywhere.

The ombre hair color trend has been around for a few years now. We started seeing it around 2009 with highlighted ends creating a subtle effect and it has evolved from there into more of a 'dipped' effect, as though the entire bottom section of the hair has been dipped in dye.

Another name for the ombre look is color melt, for obvious reasons.

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel's ombre hair color
Rachel Bilson
Color melt effect on Rachel Bilson
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore's dramatic ombre hair color

Here are three examples of beautiful celebrities wearing ombre hair color in different degrees of subtlety, from Jessica Biel's slightly-lighter balayage (or painted) sandy golden ends to Drew Barrymore's heavily lightened from the mid-strands version.

Rachel Bilson's is somewhere in between, with a mixture of a warm medium shade and painted lighter pieces, little pops of blonde that brighten things up.

The beauty of this hair color method is that it can be extremely low maintenance. The darker top color can easily be left natural which means that regrowth is not an issue like it is with traditional, all-over hair coloring methods. Ends can be re-lightened as needed.

This look works on blonde, red or brunette hair. Just be sure that the color of your natural regrowth is darker than the color on the ends and that the shades used are complimentary.


The amount of hair that's lightened can range from just a few inches of 'regrowth' with the color starting to fade near the top, to the opposite, where most of the hair is dark and only the last few inches are lightened.

A lightened section placed right at the front hairline, on the part, creates a face framing highlight. This is a nice placement to brighten the facial features and also connect the light and dark sections of the ombre hair color for a cohesive feel.


The blending of the two colors is important to get this effect. And the methods for getting that look are vast and varied. There should be a graceful transition between the dark and light. One way this can be achieved is by sweeping the color slightly upwards on the hair midway through processing.

For a more dramatic effect, the process can be done in two separate applications of bleach lightener. This is not recommended for hair that has already been highly chemically processed as it will be too damaging to the ends.

Applying a medium shade from midstrand to ends with a lighter shade overlapping on the last few inches is a technique that achieves the gradual change in shades from dark to light that is key in creating a 'melted' look.

This dual tone effect of 'ombre' is typically done on long layered hair, but can be done on shorter hair, like Alexa Chung's fun two-tone bob and Shenae Grimes' asymmetrical shoulder length cut.

More celebs wearing this trend:
Elle Macpherson, Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz have all been experimenting with ombre hair color.


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