Hair Texture

Characteristics Which Define Your Unique Texture

Understanding your hair texture is extremely important in knowing whay you can reasonably expect from your hair style.

The chart below breaks down the components of hair texture.

Your hair can be any combination of these three characteristics.

Curly hair texture. Wavy hair texture. Straight hair texture.



Width refers to the diameter of the hair strand and can range from fine, to medium, to coarse.


Density refers to the number of hairs on your head and can range from thin, to medium, to thick.


Texture refers to the natural state of your hair and can range from straight, to wavy, to curly.

Grey hair texture.

Hair Texture and Aging

Every head of hair is unique, with a completely individual hair texture. As we mature, our hair texture can change. Hair can become more wavy, or it can lose curl.

Hormonal changes in our bodies can cause hair loss or thickening. With age, hair tends to thin out a bit and take on a coarser width because of the nature of grey hair.

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