Halle Berry Hairstyles

Halle Berry hairstyles are always a display of classic beauty. Whether she wears her hair long, short, curly or straight, this star manages to stay fashionable yet somehow timeless.

This page features four vastly different versions of Halle's hairstyles along with tips to re-create each look.

Get inspired by this quintessential Hollywood beauty.

Emmy Awards 2005
Halle Berry at Emmy Awards 2005
Photo source: PRphotos.com

A formal event doesn't always require a fussy hairstyle. This simple ponytail has an understated elegance when paired with minimal accessories.

Halle's curly hair has been straightened to create a sleek style. Use a quality flat iron and review our tips on straightening hair for best results.

Pull straightened hair into a low ponytail and secure at the nape of the neck. Use a fancy clip over your elastic if you have one to dress it up a bit.

Alternatively, you could keep it super-simple by taking a section of hair from underneath the pony and wrapping it around the elastic. Use a bobby pin to tuck the end of the section in at the bottom of the ponytail (just make sure the ends of the bobby pin don't stick out anywhere!).

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2003
Halle Berry at Screen Actors Guild Awards 2003
Photo source: PRphotos.com

The famous cropped Halle Berry hairstyle. Years later, this style is still as hot as the first day she debuted it.

Halle's natural hair texture is perfect for this style. It's cut just long enough to allow the hair to bend slightly so it's got a feminine feel. The length makes this a super easy cut to style.

Simply run a hair wax or putty though dry hair to create separation and define the natural wave pattern.

If you have trouble creating volume in your hair even when it's cropped short, apply some hair putty when the hair is damp and use your fingers to create height while hitting it with a hair dryer.

Hair putty is a better choice than gel or mousse, which can leave your hair feeling crunchy and has a tendency to flake. The putty makes hair malleable while keeping it soft and adding tons of shine.

St. Regis Grand Hotel in Rome, Italy 2007
Halle Berry at St. Regis Grand Hotel in Rome, Italy 2007
Photo source: PRphotos.com

Another classic Halle Berry hairstyle. The hair is cut nearly all one length, with only very slight layering in the last few inches of hair and around the face.

A light fringe skims the brows and blends into the side layers. This smoothed out look is easily achieved with a hot air brush or a round brush and hair dryer.

See our in-depth instructions on using a round brush and hair dryer to smooth out curly/wavy hair.

People's Choice Awards 2007
Halle Berry at People's Choice Awards 2007
Photo source: PRphotos.com

Glossy waves and a side part ramp up the "pretty" factor with this style. The top sections are smoothed out and the curl is reserved for the lower lengths of the hair.

There are a few ways to achieve these loose curls. Set hair on medium/large rollers, then brush through after the curls set to loosen into a wave. This is the best option if your hair doesn't hold a curl very well or if you have curls or frizz that need to be smoothed out.

Another option is to simply wrap large sections around the outside of a curling iron barrel. Direct the hair back away from the face when curling.

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