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Every kid hair style benefits from proper hair care.

This page provides information on keeping your child's hair clean and well cared for.

Find information on dealing with the unpleasant reality of head lice.

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Daily Care of Kid's Hair

Proper Washing

Use a gentle shampoo for cleansing children's hair. Emulsify it in your palms and spread it through, concentrating on the scalp. With the balls of your fingers, rub semi-firmly all over the scalp and squeeze the shampoo into the ends gently.

Be sure to rinse adequately. Scalp itchiness and irritation can be caused by residue from your shampoo. Lift the hair away from the scalp and let the water flow right through.


If your child has long hair or suffers from static, use a daily conditioner to keep it smooth and well-behaved. Be sure to rinse well, especially at the scalp to reduce build-up.


Leave-In-Conditioner is the key here. And a wide tooth comb. Plus a sprinkle... no make it a heaping spoonful, of patience.

To eliminate the pain factor for the child, always start combing at the ends and work your way up. Grasp the section of hair you're working with midway down and hold it firmly. This way, the tugging is happening in your fist rather than on your child's scalp.

If the hair is thick, separate it into a few large sections and work through each before combing the hair as a whole.


Swimming is such fun for kids but wreaks havoc on their hair! Rough texture makes it prone to tangling and the strands take on a brassy, synthetic looking shine.

Hair that is overly porous may develop a greenish color from exposure to chlorine. Try the Malibu 2000 Swimmers shampoo to remove the chorine residue.

If you don't have any clarifying shampoo handy though, there are a few household tricks you can try to neutralize the color out.

Try a rinse with tomato juice to remove green tint. Or make a shampoo paste by mixing your usual shampoo with a touch of water and one of the following ingredients...

  • baking soda
  • dissolved aspirin
  • alka selzer tablets

Once you have a good amount of thick paste, rub it into the hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and condition as usual. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a rinse for removing chlorine residue from hair.

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