Latest Hair Styles

The latest hair styles cover a wide range of looks from classic to avant garde.

Get a brief rundown of a few popular styles in this article.

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Flashback To 30's and 40's Hollywood Glamour

medium length bob styled in a vintage finger wave pattern.

The sultry styles of the 30's and 40's are back en vogue. Here's a few tips to get the look.

  • Finger waving and pin curling create smooth lines and voluptuous waves, reminiscent of the glamorous era when these vintage hairstyles originated.

  • Deep side parts allow a heavy wave section to sweep across the forehead

  • Elegant accessories to clip one or both sides back take this look up a notch for a special event.

80s Styles

Long hair with lots of texture and chunky blonde highlights in the lower sections.

The latest hair styles definitely have an 80's feel, as I'm sure you've heard by now.

Great news for the younger crowd, who missed the 80's the first time round... somehow lacking appeal for those of us who've been there.

But here's the good news...

As with any recycled trend (which they all ultimately are), there is an influence from the big bang, mullet mania days of the 80's.

But it's improved with a fresh, modern approach to those basic shapes.

You'll find helpful instructions for building the necessary texture in the article Big Hair By Backcombing.

Hawks Of All Description...

Faux hawk hairstyle on young woman.

The Mohawk has surged into the spotlight yet again. Well, a version of it anyways.

The most widespread trend for men, hands down. But this time round, the mohawk is lending itself to all walks of life, and lengths of hair.

No longer do you need to shave either side of your noggin down to a pasty white to get this great look.

It's possible for a faux hawk to be hair today - gone tomorrow. Go here for more on the faux hawk hair style.

Mixture of Textures and Elements

Edgy * Wild * Unstructured Structure

Partial faux hawk.

Combining straight lines with waves or kinks to add interest.

Or huge volume and a roughed up texture in some areas contrasting against flat, smooth sections.

There are so many directions to take this trend. Here's a few more examples...

  • Curled, crimped, or heavily texturized all over with straight bangs

  • Small braids added to straight or curly hair

  • Disconnected cuts, where sections are purposely not blended to create a sculptural, angular look to the haircut.

See more styles like this on our Funky Hairstyles page.

Asymmetric Cuts

Funky, asymmetric pigtails.

Asymmetric haircuts and styling are huge right now. The look is achieved simply by cutting (or styling) one side longer than the other.

It's quirky and fun and can be totally temporary. But an asymmetric style doesn't have to be funked up (like in the photo at right)...

Asymmetry is everywhere, even a formal chignon can be worn off to one side, just behind an ear.

An asymmetric haircut works particularly well for ear to shoulder length bob hair cuts.

Read our full article on asymmetric hairstyles.

Curly Hairstyles

Curls are finally back in style!

Loose waves in dark brown hair.

Dig out your rollers and dust 'em off... need a refresher on how to use them? Go here for instructions on roller setting to create curly hair.

Or check out the new 'clipless' curling irons, which are perfect for crafting the loose, casual waves that are among the hottest of all the latest hair styles.

Curls can take on many personalities. A few examples...

  • Loose, voluptuous waves, slightly flatter on top with the curl starting mid-strand

  • Tight, spiral curls, pumped up without fretting over frizz

  • Old Hollywood inspired smooth finger waves and pincurls

If you're lucky enough to have a natural curl or wave, learn simple styling techniques to make the most of it.

Among the latest hair styles, perms have made a resurgence... yes perms!

Stylists now have an arsenal of new wrapping tools and gentler formulas which last about 10-12 weeks. This means you won't have the pain in the hiney of growing out the dry and lifeless remains of a long gone fancy for curls.

Although the chemical effects (slight dryness, porosity) remain until the hair is cut off.

Swing back in as the mood of the masses shiftsl... we'll have an eye out for all the latest hair styles and trends to feature here for you.


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