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What makes a great man hair style? For starters, a good haircut, and a little hair styling know-how. This page details how to achieve different man hair style looks. Some of the styling tips below include suggestions for specific hair cutting techniques to ask your stylist about...

Guys hair style.

That's right...Ask! Talk to them, discuss options, analyze your hair type and face shape.Your stylist is a resource waiting to be tapped, and there seems to be an unfortunate lack of consultation between guys and their stylists. Is your hair style the best it can be? If not, perhaps it's time to...ummm...ask for directions? (couldn't resist :o)

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Hair Product

Okay, when it comes to using products, first question...

Wet or Dry? Simple answer...Both. And most of the products I recommend can be used both before and after you dry your hair. Keeps it simple, and cost effective.

No matter which product you use, make sure you emulsify. Spread the product evenly all over your fingers and in between.

Specific hair product recommendations.

Hair Styling Tools

10 digits and a blowdryer are a man's best tools for a natural, piecey look. Get good with your hands! It's simple and it adds sex appeal, in this editors opinion, for a man hair style to have movement and texture.

Other Useful Tools for Men:

Specific hair styling tools recommendations.

Considerations For Best Man Hair Style

While the world is certainly your oyster, there are a few factors that play a role in finding the right man hair style for you...for now. A few things to think on...

Direction and Parting | Natural Growth Patterns (cowlicks)
Texture | Lifestyle | A Good Haircut

Direction and Parting

The techniques described here are universal--meaning you can use the same tips to get a completely different look. How?...By changing the direction the hair is moving or parting it differently. Move it around. Try something different! You may be surprised how your hair responds.

Natural Growth Patterns

Your hair likely has preferences in how it likes to lay...that'd be the natural growth pattern. Very distinct in some cases (cowlicks and swirl patterns), more subdued in others. Does that mean that you're stuck with the same ol' style for the long haul?...Absolutely not! In fact, it's a good idea to "go against the grain" now and then...keep those follicles on their toes (okay, bad analogy).

In the more extreme cases, like a mean cowlick, there's usually one or two positions it'll respond well to. It's fruitless to try forcing the hair in a direction it's not fond of moving, it'll only rebel. But you can coax all the surrounding hair in a different direction. Experiment with products and check out the techniques below for inspiration.


The term "hair texture" is thrown around rather loosely, without ever really being defined. There are 3 elements to every person's hair texture. Here's a quick breakdown.

Every head of hair is a unique combination of these three factors. Knowing what you're dealing with is critical for learning the most effective techniques and getting the right products.


Maintenance - Consider both how much time you want to put into styling your hair each day and the amount of time/energy/dollars it'll take to keep up the look.
Same goes for coloring. Bleaching out your hair completely requires constant upkeep...every four weeks at least, especially if your hair is quite dark. Men are slightly less impacted by the maintenance factor being that hair is generally shorter than women's. Color can be cut out within a few months and it's back to natural. Lucky ********!

Image Appropriate - If you're in the corporate world, funky colors and wild styling may not be the best man hair style choice...unless your corporation is ultra hip, then a more edgy look would be an asset. Fortunately, the same haircut can easily be sleek and subdued all week only to burst out of it's shell at the weekend!

A Good Haircut

The better your haircut, the easier it'll be to style it. Sadly, it seems men are more concerned with convenience than quality when it comes to haircut time. Be discerning! If you're unhappy with a cut, don't go back...No matter how convenient it is. There's probably a good reason why it's so easy to get an appointment with the person.

Find a good stylist. Make an appointment...even a standing appointment, say...every 6th Friday?! Book ahead and make sure you tip well so you don't get cut from the list as demand inevitably grows for this capable stylist. ;-) Not that your beloved hair artist would do that. Better safe than sorry though, once you've found him/her.

Thinking of a new style? But will it look good on you?!
Try it out without the commitment.

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