Medium Hair Cuts...

Let's Jazz 'em UP a Bit!

Learn to easily craft medium hair cuts into fun, flirty updos with a few simple tricks.

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A 3-way mirror is extraordinarily helpful on this mission. In fact, I'd say it's a must for all hair styling endeavours. If you don't have one, install one of those handy little mirrors on a flexi-arm. You really need a way to see what's up in those nether regions, it'll save alot of unnecessary frustration.




The model in these photos has her hair smoothed out, but the style will work equally well if your hair is wavy or curly. (minus the backcombing if you've got tight curl that tends to be frizzy)

Backcomb the top and crown sections to create volume. What you're building is a "cushion" to support the style and anchor the pins more effectively.

Probably the most common mistake people make is trying to work with the hair all in one section. With medium hair cuts, it's especially important to work in sections, both to properly secure the style and to maximize the length.

Twisting up hair for an updo. And wouldn't you guess, the next step is to part off the top section (from the temples back) and twist it upwards. Use your index fingers, bring them together in the back, grasp the section in one hand and use the other hand to separate the section from the hairs that drag in from underneath. Keep it clean. Hold the section in place and look at the shape of the hair in the crown and sides. Is it how you want it? Is it too flat? Are there some snags that need smoothing? Now is the time to take care of all that.

Is it a medium hair cut, or is it a blank canvas, eager to mold itself to your inspiration?

Securing twisted sections of hair with a hairpin. Pinning must be done properly to secure the section. I've colored the tip of my bobby pin in this photo to demonstrate that one half of the pin goes into the twisted hair and the other half goes into the hair laying against the scalp. I almost always use two bobby pins to anchor the section well. Angle the second pin slightly so it'll cross over the first, but still remain hidden.

Take the next section from above the ears. Twist and secure in the same manner just below the first section. Don't worry too much about the ends at this point. Build your foundation, then go back in and tend to the details.

Finished updo hair style on medium hair cut. Twist up and secure the last section. If your hair isn't quite long enough to reach the center without coming loose, (common with medium hair cuts) split the section in half at the middle/back of your head and twist each section separately. (which was the case with this style)

I usually reserve the hairspray for finishing, otherwise the ends of the hair can become tacky and difficult to work with. Use a pomade or wax to arrange and define the tips, then spray the entire head, concentrating on the sides and underneath for added security.

This updo hair style is perfect for medium length hair and can be done in 10 - 15 minutes. Truly! It can also be easily modified...another style that's great for a medium hair cut is fun, spikey pigtails, or the more subdued low pigtails. Take the fundamentals from this article (sectioning and securing) then experiment, play, have fun! Express your mood, or enhance it -- bring some Sass into your style.