Paris Hilton Hairstyles

This page of Paris Hilton hairstyles show her recent shorter, bob hairstyle. You'll also find tips for getting the look in each photo!

We carefully selected a range of styles to show how one general hairstyle can look dramatically different depending on the styling and accessories.... plus a few tweaks in the hairdresser's chair.

2006 Warner Music Group Grammy After Party

The back of this style is graduated, meaning the layers are cut shorter towards the bottom and left longer in the top sections.

This adds volume and height in the crown.

The longer lengths at the front add a bit of drama to this bob hairstyle. As does the flared out section at the front/side.

Paris Hilton hosts 'A very sexy Halloween' at LAX nightclub 2007

Here, Paris sports a textured asymmetric bob hairstyle. Tapered ends and slight layers add lightness and a soft, rounded shape to the style.

The short fringe sweeps across her forehead which frames her face and adds a bit of movement.

Use a hair wax or putty to create separation, add shine and define the shape of this style.

Launch Party - Red Carpet Arrivals, January 2008

The shorter bob has now grown out a bit. Although it's still asymmetrical, the ends aren't tapered as in the photo above. They're more blunt, creating a thicker, fuller look.

The fringe is also longer here and swept off to the side. A signature Paris headband adds a certain elegance to the style.

Use a round brush and hair dryer or a hot air brush to smooth the hair and create a slight bend in the ends.

Paris Hilton Celebrates a Burlesque Birthday with the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls at Pure Nightclub on February 16, 2008

Here, Paris glams it up with a few waves, a deep side part, and a jeweled hairpin!

This look is easily achieved with a curling iron, but a better choice would be a roller set. Set the hair in medium rollers then smooth out the curls with a paddle brush.

Loosely pushed back the lighter side, exposing the ear.

Celebrity Hair Style Demo

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