Party Hair

Fun, Festive Hairstyle Ideas

Party hair is the best excuse to push the envelope with your look.

What might be over the top for daytime is part of the festive feel of a party atmosphere.

This page features some great examples of dressed up hair for occasions from fun to formal.

Enjoy the photos, they all enlarge for a closer look.

Small Changes, Different Flavor

Party hairstyle Party hairstyle

Two party hair style options with similar styling yet making vastly different statements.

Deep waves and sleek finishing give the style on the left a glam-girl-ready-for-a-night-out look.

On the right, same prep work (setting the hair in rollers), but the style is given a deep side part, brushed out sleek on top and secured behind the ear.

The remaining curl (all below ear level) is 'livened up' with some light backcombing for a casual, tousled look.

Twist and Shout!

Party hairstyle Party hairstyle

Lots of rolling, twisting, backcombing and braiding went into these rocker-esque party hairstyles.

The use of bright red color on top layers with the deep red from the temples down (in the photo on the right) adds just the right amount of drama. All over bright red would be overwhelming and lack the same interest.

Going Formal

Party hairstyle Party hairstyle

For events which call for a more polished look, you can't go wrong with big loopy curls.

A curling iron is the best tool for creating glossy curls like those in the left photo. Then, handling gently to minimize frizz, arrange the pieces neatly atop the head and pin.

To get a sleek, sculptural look like the photo on the right, backcomb lightly near the roots and brush it all out.

Then smooth out individual sections, roll the hair down to the scalp and secure.

Sometimes tying all hair back in a ponytail works, but it does tend to limit styling possibilities. If you're not confident in your pinning skills, use the ponytail method. :)

Strive for a balanced look but don't worry about getting it exactly like any picture, see how the hair you're working with responds and pin it when you get something good! Then build on it section by section.

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