Perms for men?

Any thoughts on perms on guys? I've got hair past my shoulders and am considering a loose perm. Never done anything to my hair before and would love any ideas.

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Perms for men?

May 02, 2009
by: lance

Things do come back around Ive been doing hair long enough and waiting for this trend to return again ,lets just not cut it up above the ear and leave long in the back AGAIN ! A natural looking body wave flowing into the longer styles today with a little product could be a hit .

May 03, 2009
Proceed w/caution
by: Anonymous

I have been getting my hair permed for years and it's very difficult to find a hair stylist that will do a perm right. By right I mean the way you want not the way they think is right. I even take a picture of some guy in a magazine with the kind of hair style I want and so far I've only found one hairsylist that could it correctly. She used to work at a Regis hair salon in San Antonio, Tx, the woman was an artist. Sadly I don't live there any more. I now live in Spokane, Wa. If anyone knows a good hair stylist in this town please let me know. I wil continue looking for the hair stylist that can do a perm the way I want. I say go ahead and do it my freind but prceed with caution.

May 03, 2009
Perms for men?
by: Debbie

I have had guy friends who have gotten and enjoyed perms. Since you want a loose perm, make sure your stylist uses large rods such as the purple ones. Perm solutions have greatly improved over the past 30 years.

May 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am a 35 year old male that has been getting perms every 2.5-3
months for a few years now. My hair is naturally stick straight and grows forward. I like the idea that I can comb it back better and it gives it some texture. My hair is only about 3 inches long though. My stylist uses blue and pink rods. You may think that is tight, however, after it is cut it takes the kinkyness out and especially 5 weeks later it is only loosely wavy. I have to get a perm every other cut using even that small of a rod. Go for it. I have never had any negative comments ever.

Jun 18, 2009
Can look great
by: Jeff

I used to perm every 12 weeks or so, but haven't had one in some time now, as my hair is quite short. However, I think about having it done again whenever I am in the mood for a change. I have a GREAT stylist who know the chemical processing world. A perm can add GREAT versatility to your style but, especially with long hair, you need to be careful that it doesn't come out too frizzy, dried, and tight. I think if I were going to perm long hair, I would first set it on large rollers (or have someone you know do it for you) and then talk to a stylist about achieving that same look with a perm. Unless you are going for the kinky, spiral perm look, the looser wave/curl is probably what you want, and it helps stylists to visually see what you mean.
Men have such freedom today that I wouldn't be constrained by perceived convention. Rather, be more concerned with "doing it right" and getting the look you want.

Jun 22, 2009
certainly, yes
by: Anonymous

I have my short ( 2in ) hair permed every 8 weeks into firm curls ( green rods) and then ususally I have it conditioned set once a week. The sets seem to help the curls stay good between perms but I can wear it with no problems with a shampoo and sirdry. A trim follows before the new perm. The look I get is great, my wife loves it. The key is that I use the same girl at a local ladies' salon that does a lot of traditional styling for older clients - but as they are perming every day they really know how to do it. On my first visit now a few years ago I was given a set on very small rollers - then sent home for a few weeks as my stylist wanted a little more length before perming. At the time I was impatient to go curly but she was absolutely right - results have been wonderful, and I always really enjoy my visits for sets and the perms. Find the right stylist and try it!

Jun 26, 2009
i am 42 year
by: Anonymous

thank you1 i am clad i am not the only one who get perms? i got one like 3 years a go! can any one plaease tell me what rods to use? for short hair? to last! last time i use yellow and pink! what does pule do? and green! i what the perm to last for 3 mouth?!!

Jun 26, 2009
go for it
by: Anonymous

the guy who never got a perm cut! i was shock when i got my frist perm cut! go for it you will look cool and ok! just use yellow and pink! for lose curls! i am 41 i got my when i turn 30! my wife love it! it was werd at frist to sit there! but it was ok. affter that! go for it! your friend john!

Jul 19, 2009
Perm - Go For It.
by: Michael

I have been having my shoulder length naturally straight hair permed in loose curls for the past 3 years. I need to have it re-permed every 6-8 weeks to keep it looking entirely natural. My Stylist uses an acid perm and winds my hair on small setting rolllers which stay in through all the processing.My hair is finally rinsed still in the rollers and dried and only then are the rollers removed. This gives the loose curl effect that I want. Only disadvantage is 90 minutes under the hairdryer which I find tedious.

Jul 20, 2009
mens perm.
by: Anonymous

Permed hair was all the rage for men in the late 70's early 80's but i never had the courage,started to grow my hair and am thinking of having my first perm aged 45 my girlfriend says go for it.

Sep 26, 2009
Perms for men? yes
by: Steve

I found a stylist about 8 months ago and we discussed my getting a perm. I am a 60 guy with streight blond hair. We let it grow out for about 2 months then I had a perm. It was great. My thinning hair looked fuller, and if you take care of your perm it will last 3 months or more...just had my 3rd perm this year....good luck!

Oct 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

As Michael has already said, I too have an Acid Perm on my long hair every 6 weeks which gives the great loose waves that I want. My hair is trimmed and then rolled on small setting rollers and processed. After the final rinse, its under the dryer for AGES (90-120 Minutes) which is very boring. My stylist sets the temperature of the dryer very warm to speed up the process but turns it to cool for the last five minutes to allow my face and neck to lose the "Hairdryer Blush" before brushing my hair into fantastic loose waves. Go for it.. you will not regret it, I promise.

Oct 16, 2009
Go for it
by: Anonymous

I had my first perm 25 years ago and loved the results then and still have it done.
I have veried the length from 3" to 6" and like the ease of styling it every day.
It may not be for everyone but my wife likes it so that is not bad.
I get mine done about every 12 weeks or every other trim.
I will say that I like it more after week 3 when the curls loosen up a little and the line from the rods fade away.
If you want something new go for it but have someone that knows what they are doing do it for you.
Good Luck.

Oct 24, 2009
perm cuts for guys
by: brian

hi i am 42 old can some one tell me its werd for guys to get a perm hair cut? i wont to try something diff. what rods should i use? i wont my hair curl tight! and last for 3 mouth! should i do at home??? can some one help me! please thank you brian !!!

Nov 09, 2009
first perm
by: Anonymous

I am aged 44 and looking also to have my first perm. Have always had short hair but have not had it cut now for nearly six months. Quite long on top but still think it needs to be longer at the back and sides.Hoping to have the courage to get it permed come Christmas but will need some advice on what style, i would like it quite curly so need to know what rods, process etc. The only thing is to convince my girlfriend.

Nov 14, 2009
To perm again?
by: Anonymous

I used to have my hair permed most of the time for around 10 years but havn't for the last few years since wearing it shorter. I'm thinking of getting it done again though as used to really enjoy it. I've just got fo find the right stylist.
I don't know why so many people are hung up about it. My wife has always loved it and I've always felt I loooked my best with a bit of curl rather than drop dead straight.

Nov 17, 2009
getting my frist perm cut!
by: tom

hi! i am 27 year old! can any one please tell me its it werd too get a perm cut? and what color of rods should i use?? for tight hair! its it werd for a guy too set there in the chair? should i do it???? i am shie!

Nov 18, 2009
Plucking up the courage
by: Anonymous

No i dont think it is weird to want a perm. I have been growing my hair now for 6 months and also want to have my first perm but my biggest fear is telling my girlfriend because if she is against the idea i know that i will not have it done and i will be totally fed up and just have it cut short yet again. BORING

Dec 02, 2009
No problem! Do it if YOU want!
by: Ted

I've been getting perms done for years! No big deal. They come out predictable every time assuming you have a stylist that knows what they're doing. I have 3-4" hair all over including sides and nape. I have it wrapped in traditional directional wind and with blue and yellow rods. It produces a tight afro curl and looks about like what Wanda Sykes hair looks like. I don't tease it like a country western star instead, I use lots of stay-in conditioner so it doesn't poof. Lots of women off the street complement me on it so I must be doing something right. Simple two hour process. May be a little warm with the pvc cape and all so don't overdress. Even get my uni-brow waxed off right and tinted to get rid of any gray. Anyone for a pedicure too? You owe it to yourself. Do it!

Jan 17, 2010
permed bob for a man
by: Jay

I want to do a permed wedge/bob....anyone know where to find a picture?

Jan 17, 2010
what is a wedgl/bob?????
by: jonh

what is a wedgl bob?
yes go for a perm cut! i just got my done last week! i have short hair so i use red all over!
please let me kown what is a wedle/bob! i like to due diff thing with my hair!!! jonh!

Jan 21, 2010
help find the right rods!
by: mike

hi can any one tell me what cine of rods should i use? for tight curls! last time i use yellow and pick?? i what my curls too last over three mouth! and is it werd for a 25 old guy too get a perm cut? last time i got a perm cut i fell ervery one was was looking at me! is it werd??? and where can i buy rods to due it at home??? i look at walmart none! they are hard too fine! please help!!! mike thank you!!!

Feb 11, 2010
help! pleaase! for rods!
by: jonh

hi can any one could help me please! i wont to do my own perm hair cut! can any one please tell me what cine of rods should i use?? for short hair! i wont my perm last for 2 to 3 mouth! last perm was 2001! and i use yellow and pick rods! and the curls came out in three weeks! can any one please what rods too use!?? thank you john!

Feb 22, 2010
short tight spiral perm
by: Anonymous

The actor corbin bleu (hope I spelled his name right) has the most amazing hair I've ever seen! They say his grows naturally like that and I want my hair to look like his but mine is straight. What size rods do I need to ask the stylist to use?

Feb 22, 2010
please hekp!
by: jonh

hi there! can any one help me>>??
i what to kown if any kown where can i could buy
rods??? i what to my own perm at home!! i am looking at walmat! i cant fine them!! can any one please tell me what colors rods i could use!! i wont my hair too last for three mouth!!! last time i use pink/ yellow! it last three weeks!! what should i use????

Feb 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hey guys, wrapping perms in not easily done by yourself! In fact, its almost impossible (even for an experienced stylist)! Get it done by a professional. Call around and ask for a stylist that does them and has allot of experience. Maybe an older ladies salon catering to grannies. Not kidding! They have the experience to do it right. Probably won't find that at a chain store. I use yellow and sometimes yellow and blue mixed rods. They give a real nice tight afro perm that lasts on short hair. Larger diameter rods are a waste of time unless you just want body. If you still think you can roll your own or know somebody that can help, you can buy rods at beauty supply stores. They won't sell you the perm solution without a license. So, you may have to go to Walgreens or the like for a home perm. Follow the instructions to the letter! Better yet, go to a professional! Have fun! Good luck!

Mar 10, 2010
Perms are coming back
by: Anonymous

I'm 16 and I think that perms for guys should definitely come back. I've had 3 over the past year and love it. Just a light, natural looking wave. Heaps of people suddenly assumed that I had been straightening my hair for like 10 years and suddenly couldn't be bothered doing it anymore. The last thing they would expect is that I got a perm...three times.

Mar 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I want to get a perm but am afraid what people would say my hair is thick and very flat

Mar 12, 2010
frist time
by: Anonymous

hi frist time! look am 26 and i was afraid what other think! my frist perm! at frist it was werd then they goet over it, they love it! go short, and use blue,yellow you what tight but last over three mouths! ask your styes!

Mar 13, 2010
Go ahead! Do it!
by: Anonymous

Who cares what others think? It's what you want that matters! Women will really like it because it's different and uncommon. Men will be jealous because they want to do it but are too afraid. Use yellow and blue rods and it will last 9-12 weeks. Your hair must be at least 3-4" long all over to do a good job. Definitely use an experienced stylist that has done lots of perms if you want it to turn out right. Call around and ask questions. Or talk to gals who obviously have nice perms and ask who they use. Might also get you a date? Go for it! I finally did it after 30 years of wanting to. Life is too short! Do what YOU want!

Mar 16, 2010
by: MARC

I would say "Go for it" I need to have a new perm every 12 to 14 weeks. Usually a haircut and new perm alternate, but sometimes a new and tighter perm is needed after 8 weeks, if the previous perm was looser than usual.
The first perm I got was more or less forced upon me. For a new job I needed to look trendy, and so my new employers ordered me off to the salon to get permed. It would not have been my personal choice at the time, but once I was in the styling chair and they started to roll up my hair I was starting to enjoy it.
If you really feel you're ready for a curly look, don't hesitate. The most difficult step is the one into the salon. Once you're in the chair you'll realize it's out of your hands. Just submit and enjoy your new image afterwards.

Mar 19, 2010
do your thi ng!
by: Anonymous

thank you!!! (do your thing)
i am 25 old when i got my frist perm, yes at frist it was werd too sit in the chair! my girl friend love it! am 30 now! what color should i use!? last time i use yellow and pink,! it only last up two to four weeks! i wont to last up two 4 mouth! getting your hiar done its it werd for a guys to get his hair done!??? thank you!

Mar 27, 2010
please help!?
by: mike!

hi can ant please tell me its it werd too get a perm cut? too set there and have rods in my hair? i am 25 old! i what to try somthing diff!! i had a friend who did it! he said it look good! you should try it! but i fell shee! what colors of rods should i use? i what tight curls! too last like three mouth! my friend told me he use grees/blue!should i?what does yellow and pick do??and how long does it take?? please help! thank you! mike!

Mar 29, 2010
perm and set
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a salon to get my hair prmed then set on rollers to a fem style. My wife has bet me i do not have the bottle but I love perms anyway I am up for it. Is their a kindly salon in the uk that will give me the works. regards Steve

Mar 29, 2010
set and rods!
by: mike

hi! to the guy who has a bet with his wife! hay i am 30 and i had a bet two! i what something diff,so i told her iwhat a perm! shed said no! i had a bet and i won! it was my frist time! it was werd at frist! but i think i am going to do it agian! i use yellow,blue,pink! for tight curls! go to great clips! i live in calf! but in uk should have one! go for it!!!!the girls will like it!

Apr 16, 2010
Go for it !
by: JC

I just wanted to add that I have been getting perms for about 20 years and find that men can achieve a great deal of satisfaction as well as confidence after doing so. It changed the way I looked and gave me more self esteem in every day life. Bye the way I am 74 years old and get a perm every 3 + months !

Apr 18, 2010
what too kown about perm hair cuts!!!
by: mike b,

hi there! can any one can give me infor!??!
i am 25 old,and i wont to to get a perm cut! somthing diff! my nair is long reg cut,and i would like to try a perm cut! my hiar is 5/6 in! and could be rap! what colors of rods should i use? i wont it to last over 2 mouth or more! tight curls! and more thing i am shee,how can i do this where kown one is looking at me! i go to great clips! should i ask what time,and what is not that busy?! and one more thing! how long will take? and how do they do the raps? please can i get some infor!! thank you! this is my frist time!!!! have a great mike.b

Apr 20, 2010
Not sure what you want Mike?
by: Anonymous

Mike, not sure I understand all your questions? Maybe re-post them without all the abbreviations and skipped words or give me an email address to respond to? Just type it out like abc123atyahoodotcom so the spammers can't read it. I'd be glad to help. You can also read the previous posts on this thread and get allot of answers right here too.

Apr 21, 2010
help! pleaase! for rods!
by: mike.b

hi there! thank you! i guese what i need, i wont to try somthing diff, but i am a shee about trying somthing diff! what is the best rods to use? and is its werd for a guy to get a perm cuts?
where guys to set there,why they put rods in the hair! i am 25 old! and i so my friend got a perm! i think i would look good,and i what to try somthing diff! please tell me how long,and what they do! my be i will be ok! its my frist time! and i wont to go short curls! thank you!

Apr 21, 2010
For Mike B.
by: Anonymous

Okay Mike B. from what I can understand from your question, you want to know about getting a perm. First of all, it's not uncommon for guys to get perms. Back in the 70's and 80's it was quite common and all the rage. Not so much anymore but that's what makes it interesting. You don't see them on guys that much these days. So, if you have curly hair, chances are girls (women) are going to be attracted like bees to honey! It's unusual! And it's sexy! At least to people who like curly hair. So, with that said, the mechanical process of perming hair is simply to wrap the hair on plastic concave rods of the appropriate size, use an acid perm solution to break the bonds of the straight hair and then reform the bonds in the shape of curly hair with the neutralizer solution. It takes about 2 hours depending on how many rods, how long your hair is, etc. You may very well be seated in a busy salon with other women and or men and you may have to wear a protective plastic styling cape to keep the chemicals from ruining your clothing. Big deal! It's really no different than getting any other salon chemical process like hair color or highlights. So who cares? Everyone there is getting something done and will all look a little strange at times. You're not the only one! Suck it up and get 'er done! Your hair needs to be at least 3 - 4 inches long all over including the sides and nape to do a good job. If you want it last, I'd use yellow or maybe blue and yellow alternating concave rods. That will make a tight well formed curl that will last 2-3 months. I've tried everything from a body wave perm (lose curls and waves) to very tight afro and I prefer the afro because it holds in and you don't have to mess with it. It's pretty much wash and wear. You will need to maintain it with leave in conditioners but other than that, it's pretty low maintenance. Not every salon does perms anymore. Most stylists today weren't even born when they did them so call around and ask specifically for someone who does them and has done allot of them. They KNOW what they're doing! Tell them what you want and don't let them convince you otherwise. Take a picture with you of how you want it to look! Sometimes the customer really does know best. Fashion is always revolving. What is "out" yesterday is "in" today. If you want curly hair, then go for it. It's your choice and your life! Hope you try it and like it. If you don't, then it will grow out in few months and you can get something else. You won't know unless you try.

May 15, 2010
Afro Perm
by: Anonymous

I want to get an Afro Perm, but I don't want it to keep it for a long time. I just want to feel what it is like to get a perm, and what it is like to have afro hair for a few days. Is there anyway to acompish this without it being permenant? If I got my hair cut really short a few days later would the perm still show?

May 15, 2010
Temporary afro
by: Michelle

Yes, I've done that for a client. Just have your hairstylist 'set' your hair in the smallest perm rods (i like a mixture of the smallest and the size just above that for a more natural texture). It'll cost a little bit because it is quite labor intensive. They would basically do the perm wrap (i'd recommend you ask for a 'spiral' wrap with a setting product on the hair) and then put you under the dryer for it to dry completely before removing the rods (NO PERM SOLUTION). It will last until you wash your hair again, causes no damage and allows you the fun of an afro for a few days!

Hope this helps,

May 18, 2010
Perm for guys Yes!!!!!
by: Paul

I have had my hair permed for the last 35YEARS! I am now 60, my hair strands are thin and the perm adds thickness and style.

Guys go for it, you only pass this way once!

May 18, 2010
thank you! for the infor.//!!
by: mike.b

just wont to say thank you! who ever told me aobut my perm cut! yes i got my done like two days a go! i use yellow red green rods! the curls come vary tight, what i need, to last longer! like 3 mouth! where i dont need to go every mouth! and yes it look like two hours! thnank you! p.s. for those guys never try it! go for it, its not that bad! its werd at frist, for guys getting a perm, but down thae road, its not that bad, to set there. why they put rods in your hair! i like it! my friends ask me is it werd for a guys to get a perm!? i told them no! its find! go for it! thank you! mike b

May 20, 2010
You're welcome Mike!
by: Anonymous

You're welcome Mike B. Glad you tried and like it. I'm going to have another afro perm done in two days. I'm losing my stylist to a California Salon. Boohoo! I hope her replacement does as good of work as she did this past several years!

May 27, 2010
Controlling a Perm
by: Steve

Michelle,I have been getting perms for about a year now and have a question. I am a 60 year old male with thin blond hair. The perms really add body to my hair which I love. However I tend to loose the curl above the ears, and sometimes my hair flips up just below the ear. My hair is about 4" long. Any suggestions on what to do to keep the body above the ear and keep my hair from "flipping" below the ear? Thanks! Glad you have this message board.


May 31, 2010
perm cuts for guys
by: mike b.

i have a ?? i just got a perm cut, i gto about 14 to 30 rods ! all over! yellow blue red! but why does my curls come out?? its only three weeks!?? they use smalls rods,small papper! but the curls come out! p.s guys if this is your frist perm cuts! go for it, its fun! the girls will like it!!! thank you!

Jun 01, 2010
by: Anonymous


You've got something wrong there. That perm should last at least 8-9 weeks if not more. Did the stylist wrap them "on base" and tight as can be? Did they use sticks to hold the elastic off the rods? What brand of perm did they use? Mine uses Matrix Biologe Perms which give true to rod size performance. Did they follow the instructions to the letter i.e., 20 minutes to process and 5 to neutralize? Did they rinse properly between steps? Did you wait 3 days before washing it? There are allot of reasons why a perm doesn't take. It's usually something you are doing (or not doing) that causes it. Wait a couple weeks and try it again.

Jun 04, 2010
re: perms for men
by: Anonymous

My hair is 4 to 5 inches and I always get a perm on pink rods. Afterwards, he always trims the ends and not only does he give me great perms, he's sooo gorgeous!

Jun 10, 2010
love my perm
by: steve

I'm a 23 yr old male nurse with long hair below my shoulders and just got my first perm about 5 weeks ago and love all me curls and the complimets i get. I use hot rollers everday and witht he perm my curls last all day and look awesome. I used to just tie my hair back for work but now I leave my curls loose and down. Will be getting perme on a regular basis now that i know how much the help hold my curl in.

Jun 10, 2010
stop use hot rollers!
by: mike

hi there! i am 24 old! i herd ues hot roller will bleach your hair! steve why dont you get your hair cut! and the some time get a perm cut short! and use like pink,blue,yellow rods! but you wont the rods to be tight! !!!! but last week i got a perm cut! i got my hair short, with blue,yellow, rods! becouse i like to have my curls tight! curls! i went go great clip! it cost like 45$ and i go back like every mouth! to get the curls tight! thank you! mike have a great day!

Jun 27, 2010
retro perm mullet
by: Billy

I'm a 29 year old guy, had a perm 7 years ago, my granny gave it to me and it was ok, then had a professional stylist at a salon do a perm 5 years ago and it was great - it was kind of a mullet but the top was pretty long with medium curls and tighter curls in back, sides were cleaned up above ears. My partner is treating me to a spa and salon day and I'm ready for a perm again. My hair is pretty long all over with a little natural curl in back and it's dark brown. I have chinstraps jawline beard - which I love and I'm keeping. My summer look is retro 80s 90s bad boy with tightly rolled up Levi's 501 complete with a skoal tin in the back pocket, Nike hightops, tank top, and I want my hair Mario Lopez saved by the bell. I am thinking of doing a mullet variation with the sides short above the ears, top shorter to medium and maybe kind of wavy, and keep the back mullet long with super tight curls. Is this too over the top or just fun enough to get away with or both?

Jul 17, 2010
Mens Perms
by: Anonymous

If you are considering a perm-----go for it. I started perming my hair about three years ago and love the results. My wife got me to go to her salon and encouraged me to go curly. My hair is 3-4 inches long and I have progressed from pink rods to blue yellow and now red rods. The results is a tight curly perm that looks nautral and last about three months.

The salon is a busy salon, with lots of women and men. I was very uncomfortable at first with the process, and my hair full of perm rods----but, now enjoy it. The women in the salon love my curls. In fact one women made an appoinment for her husband after seeing the results of my perm. She surprised him-----he thought he was coming in for a cut and style and left with a head full of curls.

I see more men coming in to have their hair colored and a few are taking the plunge and getting a perm. I predict mens perms will make a comeback.

My hair is easy to keep up. It is basically wash and wear. My wife does enjoy setting my hair on perm rods occassionally. I enjoy the attention and the results are awesome.

Comments have been positive, I did get some flack at first from my buddies, but a couple of them have gone with perms now. Everyone is now so used to seeing me with curly hair that they think it is natural.

So get a perm, you will never know if you will like it until you try it.

Jul 19, 2010
getting my frist perm hair cut!
by: tom

hi ! i am 21 old kid, in high school, i so my friend have a curl hairl, he is 19 old! i have a ?? the last 3 to5 years i wont to try somthing diff! its it werd for a guy to perm cut? will i fell uncomfortable? what does red rods do? my freind told me he use yellow and blue!and it took over 2 hours! what colors should i use? i wont to last up three mouth! and what happend after 3 mouth? should i go get a other one? let me kown! and what is the price$$ these day! thank you !tom

Jul 24, 2010
perm for my son
by: stephanie

my son is 12 and has long hair past his shoulders and is always wanting me to curl it for him , which i gladly do. I would apprecaite your thoughts on getting a perm in his hair to give him the curls he always wants. School stsrts back in 3 weeks and would love for him to have his new look when he goes back.

Jul 24, 2010
Go ahead and do it.
by: Tracy

Hi Stephanie,

I'm sure that your son would look great in a perm! If his hair is 3 - 4" or longer all over, you could use blue, pink and blue or blue and yellow rods, depending on how "tight" of a curl he wants. I just had one using all blue rods. My perms last about 8 -9 weeks before the hair below gets long enough to need a redo. Take him to a stylist at a salon who knows how to do perms. The partings and tension are critical to getting a perm that looks good and lasts. Also is the skill and experience of the stylist. Just my two cents worth. He'll love it and look just like Jonah Hill on Superbad. Very cool!

Jul 25, 2010
Going back
by: Andrew

I used to get my hair permed on large rollers to give it body when i was younger and when first married. First week is always tight but after that had lovely wavey hair. Now 20 years latter considering going back to having waves again. It was awkward sitting in the salon but the women are very kind to you and made the exsperiance enjoyable.
Going to see tomorrow about getting it done again but may well look for a older ladies salon rather than a trendy salon.
My wife is setting my hair for me at the moment and that gives the option to have and not have, may try to find a salon to do as well.
It great to be pampered so go for it sod what other poeple think as long as you are happy in what you are doing.

Jul 26, 2010
Perm Next Week
by: Steve

Hi, I wrote a question on May 27th, and would really like an answer. I'm getting my perm redone next week, and would like to know how I can keep my sides above the ear from flipping up. Maybe set the rods differently? I really enjoy the full body a perm provides, but the flip up when I wash it is somewhat annoying. Help! Thanks

Jul 29, 2010
Perms are great
by: Anonymous

I've been getting my hair permed for over 4 years. I also get it set in rollers in the salon after my perm and when I get it cut between perms. I sleep in rollers at home each night. My wife is very good at setting my hair. My stylist uses pink perm rods and medium rollers after the perm. My hair looks like an old fashioned women's bouffant but I like it a lot.

Aug 01, 2010
please tell me why what does roller do!
by: tom

what does roller ro!??? i am getting perm cut in a week, and i am going to use pink, blue, red, i wont my curls to be light curls! are those the best rods to use??? pink and blue,red??? thank you! tom!

Sep 01, 2010
Perms for men
by: Joseph

yes,of course,perms for men.In fact,since a perm didn't work for me due to a bad reaction to the lotions,I have had my hair rolier set every week for the past 10 years!
I love the fact that I can go to the beauty parlor every week for a wash and set.Talking to the women while we're all under the dryers is wonderful,and I don't have to worry about sleeping in curlers anymore.
I used those C-clamp curlers to set my own hair years ago and got really good at it,but sleeping in curlers is hell!!
I finally got a bonnet attachment for my hand held dryer and solved that problem for quick drying -- It also saved me the trouble of having my hair in curlers all day.
Yes,curlers aren't just for women anymore,the taboo is over.My beautician,the
other customers in the beauty parlor,and any women who come in are used to seeing me now.Setting my own hair was such a major job,but now I go into the beauty parlor and get my hair set in 10 minutes flat!!!
As a strait male I can easily say to any guy -- Yes,go get a roller set,it's fine,and it looks and feels great.

Sep 01, 2010
perms for men
by: Anonymous

I had my hair colored 2 weeks ago would it hurt my hair to put a perm in it.

Sep 02, 2010
Perm after color?
by: Anonymous

Perm after color? No problem. You need to wait a couple weeks but you should be okay. Check with a stylist to make sure your hair isn't too dry or has other problems. You may need a recondition prior and they may use a perm formulated for colored hair. Good luck!

Sep 04, 2010
30 Years of Perms
by: Iowa Boy

Of course guys should get perms! I've been doing it for more than 30 years and have probably had 150 perms. At first my wife did them, but for the past five years I have had them done professionally. There are some great products that can be purchased online to create and maintain great curl. I start bu using the Matrix Essentials 5+ Protopak Restructurizing Treatment two days prior to my perm. It gets the hair in condition for great results. My stylist begins by shampooing and rinsing twice with Matrix Essentials Alternate Action Clarifying Shampo. It removes any built up product and prepares the hair for chemical processing. Then, she lightly mists the hair with Matrix Essentials Instacure Leave-In Treatment and parts the hair into roller width sections held by clips. Rolling takes 30-40 minutes. I have used white, grey, or pink rods depending on how much curl I want and on the length of my hair (generally it is 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches). Cotton is applied around the hairline and the waving lotion is applied. I have about 75% grey hair so she uses the Matrix Opti Thermic Self-Heating Exothermic Wave for resistant or coarse hair. A plastic cap is placed over the rods and I go under a hot dryer for 20 minutes. The hair is rinsed on the rods for five minutes and thoroughtly blotted with towels. Then it is back under the dryer for about 20 minutes. Cotton is applied and then the neutralizer for five minutes. The rods are removed and the remaining neutralizer is worked through the hari. The hair is rinsed. I usually ask her to hold the haircut until after the perm because the curls make the hair appear much shorter. She usually sparys the hair with nmor Instacure and just trims the ends. The she uses either Redken Water Wax for shine, or Matrix Biolage Hydra-Seal Leave-In Cream for moisture, or sometimes a little of both. You need to wait 48 hours before using shampoo or the perm may relax too much. To keep the hair in great condition I regularly use Redken All Soft Heavy Cream for Dry-Brittle Hair of Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Balm. It needs to stay on the hair for awhile so I generally do that on weekends whenever I have the time. From my experience, if you think the perm is too curly at first, it will likely be about right after two weeks because all perms relax a bit. If I like it right away I generally find that it is too loose after a few weeks. This advice is not for tight Afro-like curls. Sometimes I blow dry the hair for a looser curl look and other times I just let it air dry for a curly look. For stying versatility, I sometimes use a Hot Tools 3/4" Curling Brush on low to medium heat to straighten the hair a bit if I want a different look. A great product to use with the curling brush is Redken Spray Starch. You take a seciton of hair on the curling brush and spray the hair and then comb it out a bit when finished. If you have been considering a perm, I say go for it!

Sep 05, 2010
Perm Buddies
by: Anonymous

After encouragement from my wife I have been getting my hair permed at her salon by a great stylist I started with a loose body walve and have gone progressively curlier. I am now getting permed on yellow and red rods which gives a tight curly perm. My hair is about 3 to 4 inches long.The salon is very busy and I get lots of attention with my hair in curlers. I reaaly enjoy the experience and the great looking curls.My wife sets my hair occassionaly to give me a more styled look. My hair needs to be repermed every 10-12 weeks. I am enjoying the curlier look. I convinced one of my buddies to go curly with me yesterday. He gave in and he had his straight hair permed at the same time.He was a bit nervous to have his hair set in perm rods, but he and his wife are thrilled with the change. As you might expect, we attracted a lot of attention in the salon with two guys in curlers. Lots of positive comments on the results and women saying they were going to get their guys to get a perm. I encourage everyone thinking of getting a perm to take the plunge. Perms for guys were big in the 80s and the trend is returning. Are you ready to go curly?

Sep 08, 2010
by: bill


Sep 21, 2010
Forget the Perm
by: John

I got my hair braided with 60 french braids about 10" long looks different than a perm, then perm before taking out braids then you will have really thick hair that hangs straight down.

Oct 13, 2010
curly 2
by: Anonymous

Hi there I'm a 38 year old male who loves to have my hair permed.I've had it permed 6 times in the last few years.The first time heading into the salon was hard really hard.However once in the chair with a friendly hair dresser on hand all seemed fine.I enjoyed the whole thing,from wash,rolling drying with great curls at the end.So I say if you think a perm may be you give it a go.......

Dec 22, 2010
can't wait
by: kris

I wil be getting my perm in two days and I can't wait! I will first have my hair cut to an even 5 inches all over.Next I think yellow rods will give me the curl I want.I'm hoping for a afro look that will last at least 3 mounths.I don't have any problem sitting in the salon with perm rods in my hair it's totaly worth it in the long run.Go for it

Dec 26, 2010
difficulty with perm rods
by: Anonymous

I tried setting my hair on short pink rods, but for some reason the rods won't stay in. My hair is four inches long. I'm tring to wet set it using these rods to see what it would look like with a tight perm. Has anyone else here ever run into difficulty with keepng the rods from coming loose?

Jan 03, 2011
Difficulty with perm rods
by: Anonymous

You might want to try a little styling gel. It will help the pink rods stay in better. Also, as you roll the hair you can add plastic picks under the rubber bands of the perm rods to hold the rods in place. All pink rods with a strong perm such as an alkaline wave will give a very curly look. However, all perms will relax a bit after a couple of weeks. I always say that if you like it immediately after the perm, you will probably think it is not curly enought 2-3 weeks after the perm, and if you think it is too curly at first, it will probably be around right in 2-3 weeks.

Feb 06, 2011
Perm style and products
by: Vincent

Hi guys.
Well I'm 17 and I'm planning on getting a perm for my 18th, which is in late June. My hair is already quiet long and was hoping for the perm to create this look
So my question is will it be possible for a perm to create that? And also what styling products and shampoos/conditioners will I have to use? And one last thing, should I use curlers once my hair is permed in my hair after I have washed it to create more style, or won't it be needed?
Thank you to anyone who can help :)

Feb 06, 2011
Probably white and purple?
by: Anonymous

That pic looks like they probably used white and purple rods, fairly large rods on about 4-5" long hair. You can tell because the curls aren't small in diameter nor are they 2 to 3 complete diameters in size. There might be barely one complete revolution or so. That indicates a larger rod was used more like a body wave. Use good quality professional products for curly hair from manufactures like matrix, redken, etc. No drugstore brands and you'll be fine. Good luck and enjoy!

Feb 08, 2011
Hair products
by: Vincent

Thank you for that! In response to the products I should use, I was looking at the Redken products for curly hair and I came across there shampoos and conditioners. It read
"Bring out the best in curls. FRESH CURLS is specially formulated for people who love their curls and want to show them off with perfection. It contains coconut oil to soften and smooth, calcium to help stabilize and refine curl shape and honey to help moisturize. The entire line works together to de-frizz, define and moisturize for better-than-ever curls"
"Ingredients: Coconut Oil = frizz control
Elastapol = curl activation, humidity control, definition
Oleo-Amido = repairs damage and smoothes cuticle
Would they be safe to use on permed hair?
And also I used to get my hair done at a hair salon, but lately have been getting it done from a mobile hairdresser. She's great, does mine and my mums hair and does perming. But do you think I should go back to the hair salon when getting it permed? Like I said she's a great hairdresser but have no idea if she will use a different technique to salons!
Sorry about the questions again and thank you so much!

Feb 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Fresh curls is what I use. Great stuff! Highly recommended! If the mobile stylist gal does a good job then have her do it. Most important part is the wrap, then lotion application followed by neutralization. If she does them right, then you'll have a good perm. My concern with mobile hair stylist is that she has a good sink to wash in. Perms require lots of water to do them right. So, don't get caught without a good shampoo sink! Otherwise, if you like her and she has done a good job in the past, no need to go back to the salon. Make sure she has the rods in the sizes required and is comfortable doing perms. That would be my main concern. Not too many stylists are good at perms today because they don't do enough of them to get really good. So, experience is really important if you want a good one. Make sure you tell her and show her (that pic) so she knows exactly what you want it to look like.

Feb 08, 2011
Thank you
by: Vincent

Thank you for all that infromation! I will definatly be purchasing thoes Redken products then, and she does Perms and such so hopefuly she's experienced enough! If not I'll go to the salon next time!

Feb 08, 2011
Perm in a few weeks
by: Steve

I'm getting a perm in a few weeks. Mature male with thinning hair. Perms make my hair look fuller. I have been reading up on perms and have found sites that suggest both alkaline and acid perms for thin hair. Help! I'm inclined to go with acid because it is less damaging. Thoughts?

Feb 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Marc: where was the employer that forced the new style on you, and what salon did you go to?

Mar 09, 2011
Acid vs. Alkaline
by: Anonymous


If you haven't had a perm before I would suggest starting with an acid wave. However, if you have much gray hair, it tends to be more resistant and you may need an alkaline perm to get the results you want, but I would still start with an acid wave. You can always do another one with a stronger solution in about three months. The size of rods will also make a difference. The general rule is that the hair needs to go around the perm rod 2 1/2 times. So, you take the diameter of the perm rod x pi (3.14) x 2.5 and that gives the minimum hair length required for a particular perm rod size. If you are not good at math, it means for purple rods you need hair that is at least 4 1/2 inches long; 3 1/2 inches long for white; 3 inches for gray rods; 2 1/2 inches long for pink; and, 2 inches for blue. The smaller the rod, the tighter the curl. If this is your first time I would use an acid wave and the largest diameter rods that your hair length will accommodate. If you desire more curl you can use stronger waving lotions and go to smaller perm rods for future perms until you find the perfect combination of perm rod size and type of waving lotion.

Mar 09, 2011
Thanks for the advice
by: Steve

Thanks for your comments. I have been getting perms for about 2 years now and enjoy how they make my hair look fuller...body perms with little curl. I did get an acid perm last time (early March) with somewhat smaller rods. My stylist said it would be curlier for a week but settle down after...she was right. Think I will stay with acid perms, they seem to be less damanging.

Apr 09, 2011
perm followed by shampoo and set
by: Anonymous

Its anything goes for guys hair i regularly have a
perm followed by a shampoo and set.I have one
booked this coming week.In the uk most ladies hairdressers will do it if you make and appointment.I only have to sit under the dryer for 30 to 40 mins.

Apr 26, 2011
possible perm
by: Anonymous

I'm looking forward to getting a tight perm. My hair is about 12 inches long and I'm interested in a spiral-looking perm. I'd like to have it set first, though, to see if it would look good on me. I'm not sure how to ask a stylist if he or she can do that w/o sounding like an idiot. What do I ask for?

May 12, 2011
Reply to Possible Perm
by: Anonymous

Explain it like you just did. Tell the stylist that you want to do a trial before committing to the actual perm. Of course the downside is that you will have to pay for the process twice. The stylist can use a setting lotion for the trial run. Another option is temporary perms that will gradually relax after 6-8 shampoos. With these you would not be making a long term commitment but would still get a good sense of what a regular perm would look like.

May 31, 2011
What product should you use?
by: Booman7736

What product should you use if you want to get an 80's perm in your hair???

Aug 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had my first perm in1979 at the age of 21,Im now 53 and I have a perm again a nice girl does it for me in a local salon

Sep 05, 2011
Nothing wrong with perms on men. :)
by: Anonymous

I'm one of those men who likes a perm. I like mine real good and tight. The problem is I can't get it 2 millimeter diameter tight, like the real thing. I like a good 'fro! I guess I'll have to invent the rods needed for THAT tight of curls.

Too bad my hair color now is gray. Get a perm and it's Billy Idol White or Back to the Future Scientist White. Know where you can get a flux cap? I'll figure out how to get the one dot three gigawatts.

Sep 15, 2011
spiral curls
by: Anonymous

I love a tight perm and am growing my hair until it's in footlong layers (so far I'm at the five inch point) so I can have corkscrew-type curls permed into it. From my past experience with perms, it's about the cut and shape. My friends will give me a hard time about it, of course (they're calling me Justin Beiber as it is now!), but I want to try this and believe it will look good on me. Nice to have different styling options instead of ALWAYS having the same old boring corporate haircut!

Sep 16, 2011
Real afro perm
by: Kris

I always get my hair permed on yellow rods for a tight curl.If you want it even tighter you can have your hair wraped on red rods but it may be hard to find someone to do it.My stylist dosn't have red rods but told me if I found some she would do it for me.For the tightest curl possible have your hair cut short first maybe two inches then wraped so your hair it won't build up around the rods but be sure thats the look you want because it will look like a real afro.If you use an acid perm it won't come out as thight as an alkaline perm.If you don't like it being that short it will grow out fast.being that short .So give it a try

Oct 12, 2011
sleeping in rollers
by: Anonymous

I get my hair permed every 12 weeks at the salon. Tpically I am permed with pink rolds and I have my hair set in medium rollers after the perm. When I started perming my hair about 3 years ago, the stylist would blow dry my hair but eventually we graduated to roller sets. My wife started setting my hair on a regular basis at home just about every day. But, it just became too much to shower, wash my hair, set it in rollers, sit under a dryer and then style it every morning. So, my wife suggested showering at night and setting my hair before bed. So, I have been sleeping in rollers for over a year, just about every night. Any other males sleep in rollers?

Nov 11, 2011
thinning on top
by: Anonymous

I have a receeding hairline and thinning hair on top. Sides and back are full. I have grown it all out and am thinking maybe a perm. I like a longer loose curled look. Should I go for it? What rods will accomplish the right look that will last? My wife is a skilled perm roller.

Nov 11, 2011
thinning on top
by: Anonymous

I have a receeding hairline and thinning hair on top. Sides and back are full. I have grown it all out and am thinking maybe a perm. I like a longer loose curled look. Should I go for it? What rods will accomplish the right look that will last? My wife is a skilled perm roller.

Nov 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hairline is receeding and thining on top. Will a perm help or hurt this? Sides and back of head are full of hair. I've grown out my hair and am thinking of getting a perm, should I go for it or just get it cut? I'm looking for more of a loose curl look that will last, what rollers should we use?

Nov 11, 2011
Go for it!
by: Anonymous

A perm would probably help your thinning hair. It's an old trick that plenty of guys with thinning hair have used. It adds volume and texture to make the most out of what hair you do have left. Not sure that you want to go too loose however. You might want to start with white and gray rods and adjust either up or down in size from there. I personally use blue and yellow for a tight afro perm. If your wife rolls perms well like you say, then give it a try. What do you have to loose? If you don't like it, let it grow out, cut it short and be done with it. If you do, you might find a new way to breathe fresh air into your hair style's life. I'd use the new non-thio perms from ISO! They're great and don't damage hair like the old thio acid perms do. Look for them on Ebay. Rods are also found there cheap! Have your wife follow the instructions to the letter! Good luck and be curly!

Nov 12, 2011
Go Curly
by: Anonymous

I would encourage you to take the plunge and get a perm. My wife has been wanting me to let her perm my hair. She gave me a body perm with grey and white rods a few weeks ago. The results were great. Lots of nice wave a curl. Lots of great comments on how great I look with curly hair. It is really easy----get the perm and wash and dry. But she wanted me to try a tight curly perm.

This weekend my wife encouraged me to let her try another perm on me. She set me in yellow rods on top and red on the side and back. The result is a tight curly perm! I was a bit surprised at the dramatic change, but it does really look good. I really like the look and am glad my wife encouraged me to let her do this.
I can't wait to go to work on Monday to show my new very curly look. A perm gives you lots of body and makes you look younger.

Is there anyone else out there who likes the looks of a tight curly perm? I like the look and plan to let my wife keep me curly.

Nov 15, 2011
gu curly
by: Anonymous

i like tight curly perm on men too.
what did the people say to your change?

Nov 25, 2011
Process of getting a perm
by: Anonymous

Ok so I lost a bet and now I have to get a perm. What is the process like? How long will it take to have it done? How long does my hair have to be to get it done? And last of all how long till my hair is back to normal?

Nov 25, 2011
Piece of cake!
by: Anonymous

As long as you're being forced, you might as well get the full treatment! Have them give you a tight perm with gray and pink rods if your hair is at least 4" long. If not, you'll need to go with blue and yellow (maybe even a few reds if too short on the sides). You'll most likely be caped in a plastic drape and towel, then shampoo'd, rolled and the perm lotion applied, then you get a plastic cap placed over you head and cook for about 20 minutes. Then it's back to the shampoo basin to rinse out the perm with warm water for about 5-10 minutes. Then she may dry you under the dryer or really towel you dry before applying the final process that is the neutralizer and it takes about 5 more minutes (and feels cold after the warm perm lotion).There's typically all sorts of pretty ladies around you getting their hair done too. So can you say FUN!? You'll get plenty of attention! Then, its a cut and style and your on your way. It will last about 8-12 weeks. AND... I bet you'll love it once you try it! Good luck!

Nov 26, 2011
Finding red rods
by: Anonymous

I have been having short perms on yellow and blue rods for years.My stylist told me for a true afro perm I needed to use red rods.She cuts it before wraping to keep the hair wound around the rod build up as little as possible.I want to try the red rods for real afro look but I can't find them even at the salon supply and ebay.She only has a dozen or so but said if I could find them she would be glad to use them saying it would take over 100 rods and about an hour to wrap.Any ideas where to find them? I been want to try this style for some time now.

Nov 26, 2011
red rods
by: Anonymous

I just bought three dozen from haire-supplies. My gal uses them to do the very short hairs on the nape and sides of mine. Otherwise its mostly yellow mixed with some blue. Good luck. Try here: Red Perm Rods

Nov 27, 2011
Found red rods
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your fast response,after looking I found some red rods online.My stylist told me it would take 100 to do all over my head.I was just wondering if you could tell any difference between the curl from the yellow rods and red rods.When I get a mix of yellow and blue its hard for me to see a major difference.Before investing in the rods,I was hoping to have someone say if they could see a big change in rod size. Thanks

Nov 28, 2011
Red Rods
by: Anonymous

I personally don't think it would make that big of a difference unless you have very short hair, say under 2" in length. Then you might see a very subtle difference compared to yellow. I'd personally go with alternating blue and yellow (maybe even pink if long enough) with some reds on the very shortest sections. That way you have a slight variation in curl size that looks more like natural curls would look. All one size tends to look man made. Just my 2 cents worth. I'm having mine redone this Friday and will go with the above scheme for about the forth year in a row now.

Dec 08, 2011
short spiral perm
by: Anonymous

I wonder how tight a perm would be using pink rods on 6 inch hair? And isthat going to be long enough for a spiral look? I'd love to have one of those.

Dec 27, 2011
Rod Sizes
by: STL Stylist

In reading the string of comments regarding rod sizes: keep in mind, that after a particular length of hair, you are just winding hair around hair, versus the rod. You will have a tight little curl at the end of the strand, and a progressively looser curl as you progress up the strand toward the scalp. Also, as too much hair is wrapped on the rod, it becomes more difficult to get the proper rinsing of the hair closer to the rod. And, it will also become more difficult to keep the hair on the rod. In other words, 6 inches of hair on a red rod will not produce an extremely tight (or "Afro" curl) on the entire strand. The ideal wrap is for the rod to roll 2 to 3 times before reaching the scalp. Adjust your rod size and/or hair length accordingly for the result you want. On a comment I made a couple of sentences back: rinsing the solutions; I read many comments about frizz,and concern for frizz. Besides improper rolling technique, the other major cause of perm disappointment (curl not lasting, frizzy, dry, inconsistent curl) is inadequate rinsing of the solutions. My stylists and I rinse for at least three to four minutes, more for longer and thicker hair. Also, do not put your perm under the dryer before applying neutralizer. You are actually reducing the absorbancy of the hair. Demo: put a bone dry sponge and a damp sponge in a dish of water. Which one absorbs more water, more rapidly? (answer; the damp one) Stylist; don't minimize or underestimate the importance of rinsing your perms. Sorry to be so wordy, just trying to share 35 years of successful perming with you all.

Dec 27, 2011
Response to STL Stylist
by: Steve

Don't know about others, STL Stylist, but I really appreciate your comments. They are well thought out and I will note them the next time I get a perm. Thanks for taking the time for the lesson. I have been getting perms now for about 3 years, makes my thinning hair look fuller.

Feb 21, 2012
i need help
by: Anonymous

hello? ok i've never had a perm before and i would like to a perm only on the top because i don't really have hair on the sides. I want to know how long my hair it has to be for a perm? right now my hair is 1 inch.

Feb 22, 2012
New curly perm
by: Anonymous

I got a new perm yesterday with alternating blue and pink rods and using Matrix Opti Thermic Perm. This morning I sprayed the hair with Matrix Solutionist Instacure, a leave-in conditioner, ran a pick through the hair and off to work. My hair was 3 1/2 to 4 inches long. It is now a mass of curls and looks like it is maybe only an inch long. I love it and men should not hesitate to perm their hair.

Feb 22, 2012
Top perm?
by: Anonymous

For the chap that wants a perm with 1" hair on top: You're going to need to wait a while until it gets about 3-4" long. At 1/2" a month, that's probably about another 4 months! Sorry! Yes, they can do only the top and the sides can stay straight and short. It's called a GI perm. Do it with yellow and blue rods. It will come out great! Good luck!

Mar 11, 2012
red rod perm
by: Anonymous

The shorter your hair is the smaller the rod size needed. If you find a skilled stylist with small fingers they may be able to wrap hair as short as 2 inchs but it must go around the rod two and half times.For hair that short red rods will be your best bet.It can be done but most stylists won't be into doing it an old fashion beauty shop is your best choice.I personaly go to an older women who will wrap hair as short as inch and half and enjoys doing it.You must know hair permed that short will look like an "kinky afro" and look super short.Having only the top or crown permed and sides and back clipped can look good.Also hair that short will grow out very fast so if you don't like it will only be a couple months and you could have the curls cut off.I have yellow and red rod perms all the time my hair is about four inchs long but after the perm it only looks to be about half an inch long. I say try a perm I think you will love it.

May 03, 2012
my third perm NEW
by: Billy

What should I ask for if I want my hair wavy and medium length on top that smoothly transitions to a long tight curly back? Sides cut above my ears. Kind of a retro mullet. I asked the stylist for this last time I got a perm two years ago and there were larger rods on top and smaller in back but the top was really curly and the back wasn't curly enough. I'm 31, my hair is pretty long right now with slight natural curl.

May 14, 2012
Getting the Perm you Want NEW
by: Anonymous

Billy, if you want less curl on top and more in the back with a smooth transition then you just need to communicate that to your stylist. The stylist should have a record of what rods were used and should use larger rods on top for less curl and then transition through two or three smaller rod sizes as they start rolling the back of your head for more curl in the back. Realize that you will need adequate hair length on top for the larger rods. Hair should go around the rod at least 2 1/2 times. To calculate the necessary hair length the formula is pi (3.14) x rod diameter x 2.5. So if you want to use a rod on top that is 1/2 inches in diameter it would be 3.14 x 0.50 x 2.5 = 3.92. This means for that diameter or perm rod your hair would need to be nearly four inches long. You can do your own calculations from there depending if you want larger or smaller diameter perm rods.

May 14, 2012
~Thanks NEW
by: Billy

My hair on top is definitely long enough, too long. The curls seem to shorten it up and the stylist can clean up the rest.

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