Rihanna Hair Styles

Rihanna hair styles are perfect for inspiration. She's always trying something new and fresh.

This fashionista's frequent makeovers are most always a hit. Different lengths, different styling techniques... same undeniable appeal.

A recent fav has been the classic bob. See the best of Rihanna's bob hairstyles and get simple tips to achieve the same look at home.

Short Rihanna hairstyle A jaw length, layered bob hairstyle is a classic look that frames Rihanna's face nicely.

The layers are shaped to create width at the sides and curve in towards the bottom.
Short Rihanna hairstyle Here, the bob is dressed up a bit with some simple styling tweaks. One side is tucked behind an ear, helping to showcase a bit of ear-bling.

The other side is flared out at the ends, just around the face. A sliver of purple color peeking out on one side adds an individual flavor.
Short Rihanna hairstyle Fewer layers here (or none at all). This chin length bob hairstyle is pretty and classic. And it's given a bit of a dramatic edge with a blunt, eyelash skimming fringe.

This style requires a precision haircut. If the cut is done right, the styling is a breeze. It should just 'fall into place' when smoothed through with a flat iron.

Curly Rihanna hairstyle Some corkscrew curls enliven this graduated bob hairstyle! It's sassy and sweet all at once, and it's a refreshing departure from the straight look.

Simply wrap large sections of hair around the outside of a curling iron barrel and hold briefly. See our article on curling irons for a look at the new 'wand' style irons, which are great for creating this kind of curl.
Rihanna bob hairstyle A somewhat 'architectural' cut. This asymmetric bob hair style is also inverted, meaning that it's shorter in the back than the front.

Around the face, where the asymmetry is most pronounced, the ends are heavily texturized for a shattered effect.
Short Rihanna hairstyle The loopy curls here are arranged with a vintage glamour feel. Adding to that, the playful dip of the fringe veils the eyes in a sultry, 'marilyn-esque' way. A fun style for a special event.

Large hot rollers are the best tool to achieve this sort of curl. Set them just around the perimeter, vertically, and roll towards the face. Remove the rollers gently, without disturbing the curl formation and allow to cool. Separate only slightly by pulling a few random pieces loose.

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