Rihanna Hairstyles

This page features a range of Rihanna hairstyles and tips to get the look.

Here is a celeb who knows how to mix it up! Rihanna is constantly revealing new sides of herself with her ever-changing hairstyles.

Glamorous, feminine, edgy, high-fashion... these are but a few of the many moods of this trend-setting star. This page focuses on the shorter Rihanna hairstyles.

Short Rihanna hairstyle A short, sassy style cut above the ears and left longer in the top sections. Top lengths are disconnected from the shorter sides, meaning that they don't blend and the longer top can spill over the shorter sides.

To style, hair is parted near the crown (which is given a boost of volume) and fringe section is swept straight forward and across the forehead.
Short Rihanna hairstyle This funky style is jazzed up with some bright blue highlights and one bold white section.

Styling is playful and very random with lots of movement and a few loops and swirls. Two or three looped sections can be pinned at the base to secure them, but keep it non-uniform to maintain the casual feel.
Short Rihanna hairstyle A sleeker version of the first style. This one has a more 'emo' influence. A rich, dark color, slightly longer lengths in the front and shorter in the crown.

A flat iron is the best tool to get this sleek texture. Then rake through a wax or pomade product to create some separation and definition.
Short Rihanna hairstyle Simple and understated, this style allows the lively pattern in Rihanna's top to take the stage.

A flashy hairstyle would compete with the clothing, making for a complicated ensemble. Keeping it simple was definitely the right choice here!
Short Rihanna hairstyle Edgy and glamourous. An unlikely combination that this star executes beautifully.

The closely cropped sides and back are contrasted by a cascade of shiny waves in the longer top sections.
Short Rihanna hairstyle More sleek texture with a shattered, peek-a-boo fringe. This style is otherwise quite conservative.

Varying lengths sliced throughout the hair create separation and interest in the front sections. A simple, edgy look.

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