Rihanna Hair Styles

Rihanna hairstyles are a great place to look for inspiration for a new look. She's a celeb who plays with fashion, regularly reinventing her look.

This page focuses on the longer styles that she has worn at events, including some formal styles.

See the best of Rihanna's long and updo hairstyles and get simple tips to achieve the same look at home.

Long Rihanna hairstyle Here Rihanna rocks a long hairstyle that is anything but ordinary.

Heavily sliced layers mostly conceal half of her features, but the contrast of the other side, pulled severely back, opens up her face balancing out the look.
Long curly Rihanna hairstyle The long, curly look with a center part is pretty, and it's classic.

But we're glad that Rihanna is so diverse in terms of hairstyles because this is definitely not the most interesting entry in her hairstyle portfolio.
Long wavy Rihanna hairstyle Another long style, this time with a side part, which is better for Rihanna's face shape. The swooping waves give the style a bit of flair.

Use large hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron to add some loose curls and waves mostly from midstrand and down, leaving the top sections straighter.
Rihanna braided updo hairstyle This intricate braided updo hairstyle is feminine and somehow 'regal.' Partly because of the braiding, which is such a historic hairstyling technique. But it's also about the way the updo is positioned, accenting Rihanna's long neck.

This type of style can be very time consuming to create but the process is rather simple. Secure all hair back in a loose ponytail just below the crown. Split the pony into sections and braid each section, then entwine the individual braids around each other, securing them with bobby pins.

Be sure to arrange some over the center of the ponytail to camouflage it. And sweep one braid around the front of the lot to anchor the style like nature's tiara.
Rihanna hairstyle updo This updo is on the casual side of formal. Front sections are loosely pulled back from a deep side part that angles sharply to the crown. Some backcombing in the top sections will help to add volume.

Ends are twisted and turned and secured in the low/back with a few curly tendrils left to spill out.
Rihanna glamorous updo hairstyle Vintage glamour is the order of the day when hair is swooped around like this. Large, smooth sweeping waves are gathered into a low chignon.

This style is given a modern twist with the placement of the chignon being off to the side in keeping with recent trends.

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