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Scene hair is a fun, edgy look.

Lots of texturizing, lots of layers...

Lots of attitude!

When you break it right down, this style is a sleeker, updated version of an 80's rocker mullet.

Here are some examples of different versions of the style and a few tips to get the look...

Scene Hair Styles

scene hairstyle scene hairstyle

A very piecey, slightly grunge version here. Bits of pink highlight peek out from underneath.

scene hairstyle scene hairstyle scene hairstyle
Asymmetric, A-line scene hair style with dramatic fuscia and black coloring. This platinum blonde version is very typical of the style. The volume in the sides and length of layers is perfect. Here a short (almost bobbed) version. The colors around the face add a bit of an edge but otherwise, this version is fairly conservative.

How to get the look

Unlike the sky-high 80's mullet, the volume is concentrated more at the sides and back of a scene hair style, with the top being kept fairly flat.

All hair is directed forward from the crown, sweeping off to one side.

The front sections are kept long - at least eyelash length.

Fringes can be blunt or highly texturized, depending on the look you're going for, but they must be long and heavy (so be careful about over-texturizing).

A good working hairspray is essential for getting the volume and hold this style needs. See our recommendations for the best hairspray products.

Color ranges from platinum blonde to black and everywhere in between but dramatic colors (or combinations of colors) like the white, black or red are most common.

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