Styling Hair To Soften, Smooth, and Defrizz

Consider This 'Round Brush 101'

This section covers all the must know's for styling hair with a roundbrush. Use these techniques to smooth and add shine to frizzy hair.

Most women have tried using a round brush and blow dryer and wondered why it never turns out quite the same as when their stylist does it.

I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it so you don't have to wonder any more.

The basics are broken down into the following pages so you can find the hair styling information you need quickly and easily.

Styling Hair to Smooth and Defrizz

Styling hair using a round brush and blowdryer.

Smoothing your hair doesn't have to mean completely removing the curl.

To retain more curl use a smaller brush and wind the last few inches around the brush.

I recommend a hot air brush with a curl release and in either case, careful winding in a spiral pattern.

If you are blow-drying your hair for smoothing after each wash, try reducing the frequency of shampooing by wearing it up the second day, this will help prevent damage from excessive heat styling.

And for the love of...well, healthy hair, give the heat styling a rest every once in a while and try the techniques for styling naturally curly or wavy hair.

This is especially important if your hair is chemically processed with color, perm, or straightener.

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