Surfer Hair

A Hair Trend That's Not Just For The Beach

The surfer hair look is ultra hot right now, especially for guys. It's quick, easy, and oozing with sex appeal.

This look can be simmered down a bit for daytime if you're in the corporate world, which makes it a very versatile men's hair style trend.

It's critical to have a good haircut to pull this style off.

Find a stylist who is proficient at texturizing, and not with those texturizing scissors.

This look requires methodical slicing throughout to create movement and give your style that casual, just hangin' on the beach look.

Short surfer hair style. Blonde surfer hair style. Dark brown, medium length surfer hair style.

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Blonde highlights add even more texture and mimic the effect of the sun, lightening your hair in all the right places. If your hair is naturally dark, opt for golden or beige highlights rather than too blonde of a tone, which just looks artificial, not sun-kissed. And skinny highlights rather than bold, chunky pieces are more believable.


Use hair products like wax, clay and paste both before and after you dry your hair for best results. Emulsify your chosen product into your palms and rake it through, squeezing the hair between your fingers to add separation.

There you go! Hot, stylin' hair that'll make the girls swoon even without a surfboard under your arm. :o)


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