The Hairstyler
Find the right style without risking your hair!

The Hairstyler gets my top vote of all the virtual hair style programs available on the net today. The styles are trendy and always up to date (including mens styles) , and you can try their demo's for free!

All in all, a very good site that will give you a great idea of how you'll look in a new hairstyle without any commitment that you may later regret.


  • Hair style articles
  • Celebrity hairstyles
  • Over 8000 hair styles and 53 haircolor choices, including highlighted looks
  • Classic hair styles, alternative styles, bridal and updo's, dreadlocks, short hairstyles, and men's styles
  • Constantly updated catalogue of hair styles
  • 'Suitability' gauge to help identify styles that will work best with your hair type.
Check out the free demo below to get an idea of how the virtual imaging software works.

The Hairstyler virtual hair style imaging software.

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