Updo Hair Styles: Tips, Techniques, and Photos

Creating updo hair styles is similar to sculpting a masterpiece. Each style will be different, and serve a unique purpose... formal, funky, fun, even whimsical.

An updo can be whipped up in one quick sweep for a casual feel, or labored over for hours from start to finish, depending on the function.

These pages offer tips for creating long lasting, professional looking styles.

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Formal Updos for Prom or Wedding

Bridal hair style updo.

  • Choosing a Prom Hair Style
    Wondering what prom hair style will suit you? Get professional advice on choosing a prom hair style to complete your look and make it memorable.

    Tip - Save money and time deciding on a prom hair style. Try out prom hair styles or updos on a photo of yourself.

  • Bride Hair Style
    Getting Married? First of all, Congratulations! You'll want your hair to look it's best on your wedding day, while still reflecting your personal style, and complimenting your dress, headpiece, and your theme. It's a tall order, and requires some thought and preparation.

  • Bridal Hair Accessories
    Add striking hair accessories to personalize your look and add impact to your style.

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Updo Instructions

French Braiding Video

This how-to video provides in-depth istructions for creating a professional looking french braid.

Updo Techniques

Basic instructions for creating updos on any length hair. Includes simple but critical tips for securing sections.

How to Backcomb

Detailed tips on backcombing to build volume and create support for secure, long-lasting hairstyles.

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