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A wedding veil is an age-old tradition, bringing mystique to the bride-to-be as she approaches her groom.

Nowadays, the veil has become more of a fashion statement. One which some brides choose to forgo entirely.

But if you're a bride who does plan to wear a veil, browse our gallery of bridal veil hairstyles for ideas...

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Wedding Veil Hairstyles

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Wedding hairstyle
A bundle of loopy curls sit at the crown. A tiara is placed at the front and a mid-length veil attaches underneath.
Wedding hairstyle
A veil attached at the back, under the hairstyle allows the style to become a feature. It's a good option when a bride intends to remove the veil after the ceremony.
Bridal hairstyle
Here the veil is attached at the top of the head, covering most of the hair and making a bold statement on its own.
Wedding hairstyle
Here the veil is secured at the crown, above the bulk of the hairstyle. The simplicity of the veil allows glimpses of the style and a single flower behind the ear takes it all up a notch!
Bridal hairstyle
Ultra simple styling for this long straight hair. Paired very fittingly with a long straight veil secured low in the back of the hair.
Bridal hairstyle
An ornate headpiece and veil are placed immediately behind a dramatic, solid fringe. The hairstyle is barely visible beneath the veil, but make sure it looks good if you plan on removing the veil post-ceremony.

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