As I Am vs Shea Moisture: Which Is Better?

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When it comes to taking good care of our bodies, certain parts are often overlooked or neglected.

One of these parts is the hair. Hair is a very important part of the body and, sadly, it is often taken for granted.

Fortunately, taking good care of the hair is not a very difficult thing to do.

This is because many haircare brands manufacture products that make the hair clean and nourished.

As I Am and Shea Moisture are two top brands in the modern haircare industry. If you want to know which haircare brand is better, continue reading.


As I Am is a fairly old but popular haircare brand. It was founded in 2010 by a well-known chemist named Ali Syed.

Since then, this brand has gained popularity through its wide variety of amazing haircare products.

Although all its products are different, they usually focus on conditioning the hair and cleaning it thoroughly.

Therefore, this brand is not a novice when it comes to the world of haircare.

Shea Moisture is one of the oldest haircare brands ever founded. It started in Sierra Leone in 1912, by a woman named Sofi Tucker.

A century later, this brand is still making use of the original formula to create amazing products.

This is a brand that focuses on not just the hair but all parts of the body.

Who is it for?

As I Am is a haircare brand that is best for people with oily hair.

Although people mistake oily hair for healthy hair, too much hair oil is actually bad.

It leads to the buildup of harmful substances on the hair, which weakens it.

When the hair is weakened, it starts to fall off or begins to thin.

Therefore, As I Am helps to combat these harmful substances by making the hair healthier and more nourished.

Shea Moisture is a brand with lots of products that often have moisturizing properties.

They are best for people with dry hair, as they help to moisturize the hair and enrich it.

The brand provides all the necessary nutrients that the hair needs to be healthy, making it look lush and rich.

Comparing Both Brands

As I Am vs Shea Moisture

Some of the key features of the As I Am haircare brand are:

  • Suitable for curly hair: As I Am is a brand that is great for curly hair. It helps by cleaning the scalp and giving the hair a healthy glow.
  • Thorough scalp cleansing: Oily hair usually leads to the accumulation of harmful substances on the scalp. Fortunately, As I Am helps to clean the scalp thoroughly and also get rid of dead scalp cells. When the scalp is clean, the hair will be much healthier.

Some of the key features of the Shea Moisture haircare brand are:

  • Sulfate-free: Sulfates are notorious for causing hair loss and thinning. Sadly, a good number of haircare brands make use of them due to their other beneficial properties. Fortunately, Shea Moisture is not among these brands. So you can be sure that your hair will remain lush and thick.
  • Natural and Organic Ingredients: Shea Moisture is known for using natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients in its products. This commitment to quality ensures that their haircare products are gentle and safe for various hair types.
  • Versatility: Shea Moisture offers a wide range of products catering to different hair types, textures, and concerns. They have lines specifically designed for curly hair, damaged hair, and color-treated hair, among others.

Target Audience

As I Am primarily targets individuals with curly, coily, and textured hair.

Their products are designed to cater to the specific needs of these hair types, providing hydration, definition, and nourishment.

Shea Moisture appeals to a wider audience as they offer products for different hair types, textures, and concerns.

Their collections cater to curly hair, damaged hair, and color-treated hair, among others, making it a more versatile brand.

Impact on Hair Health

Both As I Am and Shea Moisture aim to improve hair health by providing essential nutrients and moisture.

As I Am focuses on addressing the unique needs of curly and coily hair, which often require extra hydration and nourishment to maintain its shape and prevent breakage.

Shea Moisture’s products also promote hair health by offering a wide range of solutions for various hair types and concerns.

Their formulations, which feature natural and organic ingredients, are known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties.

As I Am vs Shea Moisture: Which is Better?

Both haircare brands cater to specific needs and preferences. You can only determine which is better by testing them both and comparing their results.

All in all, both of these brands are among the best in the industry.

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