Aveeno vs Sebamed: Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?

If you want a comprehensive guide on Aveeno vs Sebamed, you need to read this article to the end.

Because both brands are great and have very good products, it might be a little confusing choosing the right one for you or your baby.

In this comparison article, I’ll look at the major differences between their products including the price and active ingredient.

At the end of this article, you should be more informed and therefore be able to choose the better one for your baby.

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Aveeno vs Sebamed: Comparison

In terms of cost, Aveeno baby lotions are expensive while Sebamed lotions are inexpensive. Also, Sebamed may be more suitable for babies with sensitive skin while Aveeno may have a better scent.

So, if you’re choosing based on price, Sebamed may be better but you might want to go with Aveeno if you’re more concerned about the scent.

Aveeno is also compared with Jergens here.

Summary of Aveeno:

  • American
  • Relatively cheap
  • Effective at what it’s intended to do
  • More widely available in US stores

Summary of Sebamed:

  • German
  • Expensive
  • Also effective at what it’s intended to do
  • In many cases, you have to go out of your way to find these products depending on where you live in the states.

Aveeno vs Sebamed for Babies

Aveeno vs Sebamed
Sebamed Baby Lotion

It’s true that you can’t have enough for your baby. But if you want to serve them better, then you should get them good products.

Part of that is choosing the right brand.

If you’re faced with choosing Sebamed or Aveeno, you probably won’t know which one to go with. But there are a few pointers to help you.

First, both brands have baby lotions, which is a good thing.

Second, you should know that both Sebamed and Aveeno are great brands and are good for babies’ skin. Therefore, the best thing to do is to try both and see which one works better for your baby.

Aveeno is more popular and they use ingredients that are safe for your baby’s skin. From my research, many people also prefer Aveeno to Sebamed.

Aveeno is also good for treating eczema, so if your baby is suffering from that, you should look into Aveeno. Finally, before choosing to make sure that you check the ingredients so that it’s not harmful on your baby’s skin.

Aveeno vs Sebamed: Background Info

Aveeno vs Sebamed
Aveeno Baby Lotion

Sebamed: Sebamed is a German brand name of Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, which manufactures medicinal skin care products.

Founded in 1957 they also offer a number of different products to the American market. This includes the Classic, Anti-Aging, Clear Face, Anti-Dry, Baby Sebamed, Sun Care and Visio.

The products from this brand are claimed to have a pH level of 5.5 which the founder Dr. Heinz Maure found to be the best pH level for eczema sufferers in maintaining the skin’s natural barrier.

Aveeno: Aveeno was founded in 1945 by brothers Albert and Sydney Musher, it traded hands a few times before it was eventually picked up by its current owners Johnson and Johnson in 1999.

They currently sell a variety of products to treat skin conditions which include treatment for psoriasis, urushiol-induced contact dermatitis, eczema, hives, chickenpox, pruritus ani, and of course sunburn

Effectiveness of their Products:

Both Aveeno and Sebamed have excellent track recorders of effectiveness, but Sebamed has won awards, while Aveeno has not.

However, award-winning and medals don’t necessarily mean better products.

You still have to research both brands and the specific product you want to buy to ensure you aren’t getting a dud. Or even something that might be harmful to your baby.

There are many products out there that contain harmful chemicals that shouldn’t even touch a baby’s skin. It’s therefore important to examine every brand to ensure the safety of our little ones.

Dermaveen is another brand to check against Aveeno.

Aveeno vs Sebamed: Possible Any Side Effects

Aveeno: has no serious side effects, in some cases, it may cause skin irritation, redness, tingling, or stinging if this occurs you can simply stop using the product and the side effect should go away

Sebamed: the exact same thing applies here as Aveeno, minor side effects may be experienced but can be remedied by stopping use of the product and contacting your physician

In general, however, there are no real health risks or side effects that occur as a result of products like these, and any redness or itching that may occur is likely to clear up on its own.

If it does not you may first try applying less and less of the products before you consult your physician.

But if the problem persists then you should promptly call a specialist who can advise you and help you find something that will work a bit better for you.

Cetaphil is also very popular and I compare it with Aveeno here.

Aveeno vs Sebamed: Final Thoughts

Aveeno is cheaper and a perfectly usable product you can get almost anywhere.

Sebamed, on the other hand, is a product that you may not be able to buy everywhere (depending on where you live) but which may prove more helpful for you or your baby’s skin, at a much steeper price.

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  1. Well, I used both products and I found that Aveeno is a bit strong for my babies skin (caused her dryness) on the other hand I found Baby Sebamed very gentle with a very soft and pleasing scent. Five Stars for SebaMed products


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