Baby’s Hair Care (Plus Accessories to Get the Job Done)

Taking care of your baby’s hair is simple. Doesn’t require thinking hard and long on hairstyles or the products to use.

All the products you’ll be using for your baby’s hair will be made especially for them. Baby shampoos, for example, are usually no tears which allow for a tear-free experience when you need to clean them up.

Baby Shampoos

One of the most important products you’ll get for your child is shampoo, especially if it’s a baby girl. Before choosing any shampoo, examine your baby’s hair texture since it can either be peach fuzz, thick, fine, or thin.

If your baby’s hair is thick, you need to make sure you’re rinsing all shampoo residue from their hair. By lifting the hair away from the scalp and running water through the roots, you’ll eliminate most of the remnants.

Also, when choosing shampoos, make sure they’re mild, soft, and all sort of bad ingredients (like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, DEA, or PVP).

Baby Cradle Cap

Infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis (known as cradle cap) is common in babies in the first year of their life. Although it’s harmless, you should know how to treat it. It’s mostly found in the scalp but also on the armpits, folds of the neck, and diaper area.

It’s usually a thick yellow scale on the skin surface. It can sometimes attack a baby’s bum too, so be prepared. It is also possible it’ll not afflict your baby at all; you can count yourself (and baby) in the lucky minority.

Treating it

If your baby has long thick hair, then the duration can be prolonged. With dense hair, there is a limited airflow to the scalp, unlike fine, thin hair where the air will easily get to the root of the hair.

If your baby has dense hair, it wouldn’t be your fault. All you can do is try to minimize the effect as much as possible by making sure your baby wear doesn’t wear hats/head coverings for a long period of time at a time.

Only use it when necessary. When washing your baby’s hair (which you should do at least twice a week), scrub gently on the affected area to loosen the scales so you can wash them away. Using a soft bristle brush, brush the scalp and hair as the hair dries.

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Baby Hair Brush and Comb

Look for baby brushes that are made with extra soft bristles. This will help to smooth through the delicate hair of little ones and not irritate their scalps.

Combs should be fairly fine-toothed to be effective on baby’s hair and tips of the comb’s teeth should be smoothed and rounded.

For best results, you can go for a brush, comb, and mirror set that is high quality and functional. You can also get the extra storage to keep your baby’s brush and comb up off any surfaces, organized and sanitary… and downright adorable!

Hair Bows & Accessories

Hair bling for babies!

A cozy, adorable headband with a giant flower makes a bold statement to the world about just how darn cute your baby is! And aside from the cute factor, these tiny hair accessories come to the rescue keeping those flighty little wisps of hair in place and tidy looking.

A good place to get these things is There are dozens of hair accessories for babies on the site. One thing I like about the site is that you’re more likely to find what you are looking for and more.

Shipping is also very fast and you can set up a prime account to benefit from free shipping and other goodies (comes with some conditions though). Headbands, decorative hair clips, bows, and other offerings that’ll delight not only your baby but for yourself.

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