Bed Head vs Redken: Which Beauty Brand Is Better?

Bed Head and Redken are two different brands of shampoo.

While Bed Head is more intended to help with bed head by untangling hair as well as cleaning and conditioning it, Redken is marketed as being a shampoo for all hair types that can cleanse and restore your hair.

While both might have some similarities, naturally they have their differences as well.

The easiest ways to determine what they are is to do a comparison of the two, based on their effectiveness as well as any side effects that they may have.

Bed Head vs Redken: Effectiveness


Bed Head vs Redken
Redken All Soft Shampoo

Similarly, the Redken shampoo gets very positive reviews in general. Consumers state that it makes hair soft to the touch. And that the fragrance is an enjoyable one.

However, there are reviews that disagree with both previous statements, making the opinion not unanimous. Some people have stated that their hair is left dry.

And that the scent it gives off is, in fact, quite overpowering and unpleasant. They have also stated that it leaves them with greasy roots, as they haven’t been cleaned properly.

Bed Head

Bed Head vs Redken
TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo/Conditioner

Bed Head markets itself as being able to help repair damaged hair, as well as being compatible with dyed hair.

The general consensus among the consumers is that the shampoo does very well at both of those things, with people stating that it successfully moisturizes hair with a noticeable difference in as little as one use.

People have also stated the fragrance and texture of the shampoo as being quite pleasant. There do not seem to be many negative reviews on the product, as it appears to do its job very well.

Bed Head vs Redken: Side Effects

Bed Head

Despite the effectiveness that has been praised by many, it has been mentioned that the shampoo can cause skin irritations. And maybe harmful to those with severe allergies.

In these cases, it is recommended to stop the use of the shampoo immediately. Other people have stated that it can dry out the ends of their hair, though such complaints are not common.


Consumers of Redken have said that, after prolonged use, it can leave a kind of residue over the hair that makes it feel and look greasy.

It has also been known to irritate the scalp on more frequent occasions, causing flakiness on the scalp, and has been stated to weigh down the hair and make it feel dull.

The greasy feeling in the hair, in particular, has been mentioned by people on a number of occasions with this particular brand.

Final Words on Bed Head vs Redken

Choosing the right product depends on your hair type and your preferences. For example, if you have sensitive hair/scalp, you have to be very selective.

Products with too many ingredients can irritate your scalp; ideally, you’ll want to go for those with fewer ingredients.

In terms of preferences, you may not love to only use natural hair care products. There are many people in this category so you’re not alone.

Some people don’t buy a skincare or haircare product if it’s not vegan. For such people, products that are termed “not cruelty-free” is likely to be out of their option.

Finally, it’s important to consider your budget when selecting too. Some products are naturally expensive but you are likely to discover cheaper alternatives if you look well enough.

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