Best Hair Gel for Natural Hair

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Matrix Biolage

For years I have used nothing but LA Looks Hair Gel for when I wanted to add some curls to my hair. However over the past year Walmart has discontinued carrying it, and instead of my old time favorite gel on shelves, I found myself with very slim picking of gel that promised what LA Looks delivered, only the results were nothing short of a frizzy mess, with tons of build up and flakes.Matrix Biolage is hands down my all time favorite hair care line, but the downside to Matrix is that it is a very expensive line of products. When I discovered that they made hair gel though, I nearly jumped for joy at how well it would work. After checking the price tag attached to the bottle of Matrix Biolage Gelee Firm Hold Gel though, I almost ended up putting it back. I was not at all used to spending nearly $20.00 on a bottle of hair gel, heck, the most I had ever spent before was around $5.00.

I popped up the cap in the store and inhaled the scent. To my delight Matrix Biolage Gelee Firm Hold Gel had that beautiful musky scent that all of Biolage hair care products had, and as guilty as I feel about saying this, the scent was what caused me to go forward with this high end hair gel purchase. I had been majorly disappointed with most hair gels available, and after spending so much money on Matrix Biolage Gelee Firm Hold Gel, I prayed it worked well.

My Use:

In order to get some bounce to your step, using hair gel must be done on clean fresh hair, when it is still wet/damp.

I added a good amount of the gel to the entirety of my hair. What I loved was how the gel saturated my hair, and such a small amount went quite a ways in my thick, long hair. As I dispersed it throughout my locks, I took note that this gel had to have the Biolage serum in it, because I could feel the oiliness that only the serum contains. This was not a bad oily feeling though, quite the contrary, it is the good kind of oil that your hair will absorb.

Once my hair was saturated with the gel, I let it be and went about my day to let it dry naturally. The results were nothing short of perfection. I had used tons of different gels, and many of them would leave behind a thick build up, which would weigh down hair, while others did nothing at all.

Matrix Biolage Gelee Firm Hold Gel however leaves the hair with soft touchable curls, with no build up and complete control. The frizz I usually get when I curl my hair was non-existent.

I fully believed that when I bought this expensive bottle of gel, that I would end up returning it after finding it did not work well, however I was beyond pleasantly surprised at the results I got out of it.

My hair was left feeling soft, yet curls were very evident and frizz free. The hair was shinier and seemed healthier as if it got a bath in nutrients and not just some sticky icky gel. All in all, Matrix Biolage Gelee Firm Hold Gel is hands down the absolute best gel I have ever used.


I never thought I would ever recommend buying a bottle of hair gel that cost this much money, but after using it I fully recommend you give it a shot. It will forever be my newest must have hair gel.


LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel

My hair is naturally thick, frizzy, and wavy. All in all it’s unruly. Most of my hair days consist of tight buns. I hate fussing over it, and it takes far too long for me to straighten it everyday.

I got bored with the granny, librarian bun though, and this weekend I decided I would curl it. Curly my hair has always been easy. After a shower, I towel dry my hair, add a half gallon of hair gel to my locks, scrunch, scrunch…and done! Tah-dah!

Not all hair gel works as well as the next though. Some will leave hair stiff, some won’t do a thing, and others leave behind nasty white residue. In the world of hair gel, it’s nearly impossible to find one that works without any issues.

When I came across a large bottle of LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel, I figured I’d give it a try. Most LA Looks products and gels I have used in the past always did the trick. I figured a wet look may be nice, would add shine, and make my hair look freshly washed. It was a look I had never done before, so…why not?

LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel comes in a larger plastic squeeze bottle. The gel itself is also clear.

The Scent was clean and fresh with that signature LA Look scent that most of their products contain. You know, sort of like a glue scent masked with some sort of fresh chemical scent. It’s not something that smells gorgeous, but it is also not a scent that would make you gag. (Plus you could always add a dash of scented lotion or conditioner to freshly scrunched hair to mask the odd LA Looks scent).

I first took a shower, towel dried my hair, and brushed out any knots. After my air was knot free I then squeezed a super large glop of LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel into my palms and applied from root to tip.

I find that saturating the hair in gel works best when you want complete hold and control.

After saturating my hair in the gel, I then began the scrunching ritual. Once my hair was scrunched enough I simply let it air dry.

As my hair began to dry I noticed the scrunched curls beginning to dry and curl up even more. I liked it. It was drying without frizz or white flakes. Once my hair was completely dry I was impressed. There was no ‘wet look’, but my hair was exceptionally shiny, and the curls were also pretty soft to the touch. Some areas I admit dried a bit hard, but it was not sticky or dried out, so all was well in fur land.

I went about my business, and my hair maintained a very cute curly look. As the day wore thin though I took a look in the mirror. I noticed that the infamous white hair gel flakes were taking their spotlight debut. Yep! Flakes! Nasty, nasty hair gel flakes that look like they are related to the dreaded thing we call dandruff. NOT COOL!

Most hair gels leave behind a flaky residue, so I guess it was expected.


LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel works when you are looking for long lasting hold for curls. It s extremely easy to use, and leaves hair feeling soft, and looking relatively shinier than normal. Sadly though, by the end of the day it leaves it’s mark…white flaky skid marks running through your locks.

All in all I got about 12 hours of flake free hair. This is fine for everyday use…just be sure to shower everyday after using the gel.

Even though LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel leaves behind flakes, the flakes are not present for hours, and hours later though…so you can get away with not having to worry about it for the entire day; therefore, I still recommend the gel.

You can pick up a large bottle of LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel at any local store that sells hair care products. I got the XXL bottle for only $3.69 at a local Walmart. Smaller bottles will cost less, if you have long thick hair though, I recommend the larger bottle, seeing how you need to use a lot to saturate the hair in order for it to work properly.

I’d give LA Looks Wet Look Styling Gel 4 out of 5 stars.


Consort for Men Hair Styling Gel – Strong Enough To Hold Difficult Hair In Place

Recently I began having my hair cut quite a bit shorter than I usually wear my hair for the sake of spiking my hair and having a hairstyle that is a little trendier than the just-combed-back look. While the best spiking agent I have found is the FX Special Effects Pliable Hair Wax by Vogue International, I find that there are times when I still prefer a more conservative hairstyle than the hipper spikes that I don most often. For those times, I have been using Consort For Men Hair Styling Hair Gel.

The Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel is string enough to hold my difficult hair in place, even during a long day, and it is not as stiff as the wax and is hence better for combing into one’s hair rather than to make the hair stand up. When I use the Consort For Men Styling Gel, I am trying to achieve just enough buoyancy to make my hair stand up a bit and be interesting without making it stand up so much that I look like a punk rocker with a Mohawk. I find that the Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel is a good middle ground between too much lift and not enough lift, as I certainly don’t want my hair to stick flat to my head either.

The Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel is available in various degrees of firmness and texture, ranging from “regular” to “extreme” hold levels. The hold levels also are rated numerically, ranging from 2 to 10 from least firmness to greatest firmness. The variety that I am currently using for my more conservative hairstyling days is the “Clean Hold” variety at a firmness/hold level of 8. Since I am often on my feet for twelve or more hours per day, I usually need a quite firm hair styling product to keep my hair in place for so many hours at a time. The hair wax is exceptional for this when I spike my hair, but the Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel is also adequate for this task on the days when I need my hair to look more conservative and professional.

The Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel comes in a clear plastic tube that holds 8.3 ounces. Eight ounces of hair gel should be enough to last most people for several weeks as long as they are somewhat conservative in the amount of hair gel that is required to style their hair. I have had the same tube of Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel for well over a month now with no immediate danger of running out anytime soon. This will vary, though, depending on how much gel you need to adequately style your own hair to your liking.

A final consideration that is worth mentioning about the Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel is the fact that the Consort Hair Gel is “no flake”. This is important because hair gel that flakes when it dries is easily mistaken for dandruff and one certainly doesn’t want to go about looking like he has a head full of dandruff flakes. The Consort For Men Hair Styling Gel will stay where you put it and will not flake away until you rinse it from your hair.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good hair gel that is neither too firm nor too flimsy, then the Consort For Men Hair Gel is probably right for you. It is available in varying degrees of holding power and the Consort Hair Gel will keep your hair where you put it for hours and hours at a time.

Men’s Hair Gel Vs. Pomade

Which of These Hair Products Will Give You the Best Look?

Choosing the right hair product depends on the texture and length of your hair and also the desired style. Hair gels, wax, and pomades are all popular hair styling tools for men; this article will take a look at hair gel vs. pomade for hair styling. I currently use DEP Sports Gel, and I also use AXE clean cut look pomade.Hair Gel:

Hair gel is a great way to get your hair in the desired style you choose while providing maximum hold. Hair gel is the strongest out of wax, and pomade, which makes it great for both short and long hair. Hair gel is known to help keep the style you want all day without allowing it to move or change; however this is not always a good thing. Hair gel if used improperly can make the hair look crusty and wet, which is a huge turnoff for girls. The DEP sports gel is great; it keeps the hair in place even on hot humid days, but does not give a crusty or wet look. Applying hair gel properly is all about how much you use; hair gel should be applied on wet hair for the best results. Lesser is more with hair gel since you do not want to get a crusty undesired look, if you need more add it. Overall hair gel is great in getting the look you want with little effort; DEP even makes your hair feel softer when applied correctly.


Pomade is a greasy substance that is great as a men’s hair styling tool. Pomades provide a light hold on the hair to give it the style you want without it looking obvious that you use hair products. Pomades are great for shorter hair as they will give you the look you want without looking greasy; however I would advise against using pomades in any kind of force on longer hair or else it may look greasy and unwashed. Pomades are like a mix between gel and wax and are great for styling shorter hair; however they also take a good thorough washing to get out, and if used improperly can make your hair appear oily.


Both men’s hail gel and pomade are great for styling hair easily and attractively. Gel has the downside that it can look crusty if improperly applied, while pomade has the downside of looking greasy on longer hair. Both hair products will give you the look you want; I would suggest trying both and seeing which one works with your style of hair since everyone is different.


Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Products

Customized hair products are designed to address all types of hair and help you achieve different styles and looks while protecting the strands. I have fairly thick hair that dries out easily from too much sun or styling products, so it can be difficult to find shampoos, conditioners and styling products that keep my hair looking shiny and healthy without over drying it.
Whether you have fine hair that needs a boost of shine, or thick hair that needs more moisture, you can find several customized products that can meet your needs and help you achieve your styling goals. Here are some important things to consider to ensure you choose the best customized hair care products:

1. Prioritize your goals. Do you want to add more volume to your hair, make your hair stronger or moisturize dried out strands? Do you want to enhance the color of your dye-treated hair, or protect your hair from humidity and heat? Make a list of your primary goals so that you can narrow down the choices of customized hair care products based on your hair type and your needs.

2. Choose conditioning products if your hair is frail or color-treated. Customized hair care products designed for damaged and fine hair are very different formulas than those designed for medium to thicker strands. If you have color-treated hair, sun-damaged hair or very weak hair, you will need to choose customized hair products that increase strength by conditioning and moisturizing the strand. Look for styling products, shampoos and conditioners infused with extra moisture to give frail or color-treated hair a boost.

4. Look for deep-conditioning treatments to prevent breakage. No matter what your hair type may be, you’ll find a handful of customized hair care treatments that can restore moisture, strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Leave-in, deep-conditioning treatments and detanglers can help to smooth out frizz and restore lost moisture. Choose a customized product specific to your hair type so that you can make the most of these leave-in treatments.

5. Choose color-enhancing products if you have color-treated hair. One of the biggest challenges for those with color-treated hair is not only preserving color, but also ensuring that the hair stays smooth, shiny and vibrant. Customized hair products that enhance the color of your hair can preserve and protect your color and help keep your color looking fresh. Shampoos and conditioners that enhance color will gently cleanse the hair and scalp, remove buildup and increase the tone and depth of the color.

No matter what your hair type may be or what your hair styling goals are, customized hair care products can help you maintain healthy and shiny hair. Use these tips to narrow down the field of choices in hair care and styling products so that you can find the best match for your hair type.

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