Biolage vs Paul Mitchell: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

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I’m going to be comparing Biolage vs Paul Mitchell side-by-side in this article. Matrix (the company producing Biolage shampoos) and Paul Mitchell are well-known hair care brands in the industry.

Even if you’ve been buying skincare products for a while, you can still get confused about what brand to choose.

Which of their products are best for you?

Is it better than the next alternative? And most importantly, is it reasonably priced?

Even after choosing what you think is best, it sometimes doesn’t work.

Which is why the following is true:

Though both brands make good products, it’s not rare to see users complaining.

I’ve come across many who claim a particular product doesn’t work for them. Even though a lot of people are raving about that particular product.

Now consider this:

As you can see, results can vary. So, the first step towards choosing the right product for yourself is to know what you’re looking for and which brand can offer you that.

To help you with that, I’ll do a little comparison.

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But before that, here are some tips to help you choose the right hair care products. Keep these in mind as you read the rest of the article:

How to Choose the Right Hair Care Products

Without Sacrificing Your Sanity!

Biolage vs Paul Mitchell

Now that you’ve seen and probably now considering some of these tips, here is a side-by-side comparison of both Biolage and Paul Mitchell.

Check it below:

Biolage vs Paul Mitchell: Brand Comparison

Here is a kicker:

If you’re looking for a fortifying conditioner or a conditioning balm, Biolage can do wonders for you. However, if you want a leave-in conditioner, Paul Mitchell Supercharged conditioner is a good option.


Both have shampoos. The most popular for Paul Mitchell are the Tea Tree Special Shampoo and the Hydrasource Shampoo for Biolage.

The price of the shampoos is similar, even though Biolage is slightly more expensive.

While Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo helps cleanse and replenish the hair, the Biolage Hydrasource provides moisturizing effects for dry hair.

Now that you have a simple comparison of both brands, let’s see how their products do in detail.

Biolage vs Paul Mitchell: Product Reviews

Let’s draw a comparison between the use of Shampoo from Biolage, on one hand, and the Paul Mitchell one, on the other hand.

First, let’s see what each of them offers, and what happens in reality, after using them for a consistent period.

Biolage Colorlast Shampoo — For Protecting Vibrant Colors

Biolage vs Paul Mitchell
This is a product created by the brand Matrix, that focuses on natural ingredients. It intends to reproduce the natural essences and their effects on your hair.

Biolage product is made from a mix of botanical materials and the latest technology in shampooing.

These shampoos are intended for gentle hair care, beauty enhancement, and everyday use. Reliability, ease, and nature are the main focus of the producer.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo One — For Enhancing Hair Appearance

Biolage vs Paul Mitchell
These are salon-quality shampoos. You’ll find a special formula for each hair type, texture, or color. Technology and medicinal care are key-words.

Paul Mitchell shampoos don’t intend to just wash the hair, they focus on acting healthily upon the scalp. They come in many formulas: sulfate-free, clarifying, moisturizing and others.

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Biolage vs Paul Mitchell: Actual Results

Users of Biolage Shampoo are happy with the high level of hydration seen in their hair.

All hair types found the shampoo equally useful. Many are happy with the smooth and shiny effect that this product brings to their tresses. Though it hydrates the hair, it won’t get that grease effect, the next day.

Biolage users appreciate a lot the beautiful smell of this product, both during the use and afterward.

Now, let’s talk about Paul Mitchell.

The Paul Mitchell Shampoo users generally appreciate it for the clean feel they get after washing.

They appreciate that it adds deep shine and enhances the hair aspect. It is experienced as a very mild shampoo, and soft on the scalp.

It proves to be extremely helpful and fast in clarifying the hair that has a lot of styling products build-up in it.

The downsides to Both Brands/Products

We have gathered several complaints on both sides.

For Biolage: 

Some have noticed after the use of Biolage that their hair remained dull and did not hold very well the styling.

Also, some customers with very dried and chemically treated hair, complained that after the use of Biolage Shampoo, their hair remained rough and dry. Another common complaint is that it is quite pricey.

For Paul Mitchell: 

In the case of Paul Mitchel, some customers complained about feeling their hair too rough after use, and hard to run your thingers through.

Of course, there is also a complaint that the product is too expensive.

There are also recommendations not to use this shampoo on hair treated with semi-permanent colors, or other types of deep treatment, as it is quite clarifying and it will wash away all your build-up products.

Biolage vs Paul Mitchell: Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading to the end of this article. Both brands are indeed great. However, you can’t always get both so you have to choose one.

And you can’t just choose either. It has to be the best. I’ve tried my best in this article to give you all the pointers that should at least help you choose one that’s suitable for you.

As the reviews for these two shampoos look quite similar, we can simplify the choice, for you. Analyze very well your hair type, and be honest with what it needs in its current state.

By defining these needs correctly, you will pick the optimum shampoo. And you will get the greatest long term effects.

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