Biolage vs Redken: Which Brand is Better?

When writing on Biolage vs Redken, I found a lot more about both brands. And if you’re looking to get a new shampoo or conditioner, these are two brands that are at the top of the chain.

You can definitely find a lot of other brands offering similar products. But these two brands are great if you’re looking for long-lasting results.

But now that there are two brands to consider, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? If you don’t know, then this article is for you.

This article will be short but to the point. You’ll learn the differences between both brands, some of their products, and what each one can do for you. I believe this should help you make an informed decision.


Professional brand Matrix has created a product line Raw under its Biolage brand.

Each bottle of the Biolage Raw collection is made from 100% recycled materials each formulation is 99% biodegradable, and all information on the origin of the ingredients is, fully accessible to everyone.

Redken is the brand of the patented hair care collection of proteins and protein-based preparations. The Redken brand offers color, texture, and styling products.

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Are you interested in the history of these brands?

  • Redken was founded by Paula Kent in the 1960s, in collaboration with a chemist who created products for her sensitive hair;
  • In the 1900s L’Oreal bought a famous brand, and since then Redken has become a trendsetter fashion brand;
  • The Matrix brand was founded in the 1980s by American hairstylist Arni Miller;
  • In the 2000s, L’Oreal acquired the Matrix brand, after which it became the fastest growing brand in the world.

Choosing Shampoo Products from Redken

Biolage vs Redken
Redken All Soft Shampoo

Redken has a lot of product lines you can choose from. One of the most popular is the All Soft shampoo line. They also have Color Extend and Extreme for colored hair and Frizz Dismiss shampoo that helps reduce the scaling of the scalp.

If you have frizzy or unruly hair type, you can try out Redken. They have a good line of products to help you improve the strength and shine of your hair.

Also, Redken is an American brand, so their product will be readily available to you. You can get their products from salons, drug stores, and online, where you can possibly get their product cheaper.

If you want to choose the best product from Redken, you should consider a few things. First, try to go through previous reviews on the product you intend to buy.

If you’re going for the All Soft for instance, you’ll find a lot of reviews on it. Here, you’ll learn more about the product and what it can do.

Some products are advertised as color-safe, whereas, they can strip your hair of color. You can easily confirm that from reviews.


Choosing Shampoo Products from Biolage

Biolage vs Redken
BIOLAGE Colorlast Shampoo 

Biolage, like Redken, also has a lot of products you can consider. Their shampoo is one of the popular out there and it’s suitable for all hair types.

This means you can use them on treated hair and not be afraid of color stripping. So, if you have relaxed your hair and want shampoo or conditioner for it, you can check out their shampoo line.

Are these products effective? Let us give you an example:

  • Redken has a line that represents products with its advanced formula for the care of dry and lifeless hair. The products also feature Redken’s unique RTC protein complex that treats your hair from root to top;
  • The Matrix offers a wide range of products including, Biolage. Biolage brand has hair products of natural origin that never looked so beautiful and showed such good results. Ginger, kiwi, 100% natural essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, goji berries, and many others. These ingredients have been carefully selected to make your hair look healthy, smell divine, and supremely nourished.

Biolage vs. Redken Color Shampoo – differences between them?

Biolage Color Shampoo is enriched with an orchid extract that maintains hydration of colored hair, smoothes the hair surface, and gives the hair a healthy look and shine.

Biolage Color Shampoo of 250ml:

  • The low PH value of shampoo;
  • Increases color vibrancy;
  • Gently cleanses and nourishes colored hair;
  • Paraben-free formula.

Redken Color Shampoo is a collection designed for dyed, bleached hair, gloss-free hair to give the color, more intense shine, and color depth extends colorfastness.

Redken Color Shampoo of 300ml:

  • A lightweight and gentle cleaner that does not contain sulfates;
  • Protect color;
  • The paint has three times more durability.

Every hair care product from the Biolage brand’s RAW collection is 70% to 100% natural in origin, therefore free of silicone, sulfate, parabens, and artificial colors in every sense.

Biolage Clean Reset Shampoo of 250ml:

  • Suitable for all hair types;
  • A formula inspired by lemongrass;
  • No parabens;
  • Suitable for colored hair.

Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo of 300ml:

  • For very dry hair, in addition to Omega 6 and argan oil, it also contains a nourishing “superfood” blend for intensive care of your hair;
  • It is intended for dry and coarse hair that needs intense hydration and lacks softness and shine;
  • It is a powerful nourishing formula enriched with a mixture of cactus extract and aloe vera gel;
  • This shampoo deeply hydrates the hair, restoring its shine, and irresistible softness;
  • The results are strong, shiny, nourished, and soft hair.

Biolage vs Redken: Which One Should I Choose?

If you want to choose shampoo and conditioner, Redken has highly conditioning products that can keep your hair in good condition. They have a heavy cream that can work wonders for dry hair.

However, if you’re looking for styling products, Matrix is very good. Their shampoo and conditioner may be too drying for some.

But as you know, everyone is different. Consider your skin type and hair condition when making a decision on either of them.

However, there are some downsides to Biolage in that their product comes with sodium lauryl sulfate, which may cause hair drying.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Redken a good shampoo brand?

As stated elsewhere on the site, Redken is a dependable brand and their shampoo is a good one. It’s been around for a while and backed by glowing reviews from users.

Is Matrix Biolage a good shampoo?

The Matrix is one of Biolage’s most popular shampoo.

It’s a good shampoo for hair. It’s formulated for softening their hair and keeping it healthy. The liquid of the shampoo is light too and some users noted that it didn’t weigh down their hairs.

So, if you’re having dry, thinning hair, you can try out their product. Biolage also has the hydrasource conditioner which can provide a good amount of moisture for your scalp and leave your hair flexible and tender.

Biolage vs Redken: Conclusion

As you can see, choosing either of these products will likely give you good results. Both brands are long existing in the industry and have good reviews on them.

Reputable brands like this try to ensure they make good products that can live up to their name. That’s why you’ll find many making changes to their product after they’ve received a few constructive criticisms.

So, if a product doesn’t work for you, you can try another one. And don’t forget that sometimes the prices on these products can determine their quality. If you’re looking for professional results, be prepared to spend more.

Fortunately, shampoos and conditioners are cheap, if that’s what you’re looking for. And both Biolage and Redken have them in abundance.

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