BioSil vs JarroSil: Which Brand Is Better?

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BioSil and JarroSil are two well-regarded names in the world of dietary supplements, specifically when it comes to silicon-based products.

If you are on the quest for better hair, skin, nails, or bone health, the decision between these two might be a puzzle. In this article, I’ll reveal what each product is and the promises of the manufacturer of each.

I’ll then go into detail on the differences and which one is best for certain situations. I believe you should be able to choose the most suitable brand between the two after reading this piece.

BioSil vs JarroSil: General Observation

If you’re keen on a combined boost of collagen, keratin, and elastin, BioSil has the edge.

For those leaning more towards bone health, along with hair and nail wellness, JarroSil’s inclusion of boron makes it a strong contender.

If you’re cost-conscious, JarroSil might be the better pick. However, if you’re willing to splurge a bit for the patented ch-OSA® technology, then BioSil could be worth the extra pennies.

BioSil vs JarroSil: Detailed Comparison


BioSil: The choline in its formula isn’t just a filler. Choline is a macronutrient that’s important for liver function, muscle movement, and metabolism. Combined with silicon, it provides an enhanced collagen-boosting effect.

JarroSil: Besides boasting a higher absorption rate than other forms of silicon, JarroSil also has boron in its formulation. Boron is a mineral known for its bone-strengthening properties and aids in the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Price Point

While prices can fluctuate based on retailers and ongoing promotions, there are certain points to pay attention.

As for BioSil, it’s on the pricier side, which might be attributed to its proprietary ch-OSA® formula.

JarroSil is slightly more affordable than BioSil. But as with all supplements, it’s crucial to consider the price per serving and the recommended dosage.


With BioSil, most users report noticeable improvements in hair thickness and skin elasticity after a few weeks.

Some also noticed stronger nails. However, a few users pointed out that they faced minor digestive disturbances initially.

On the other hand, many users commend JarroSil’s efficacy in improving hair and nail health. Those who took it for bone health also reported positive outcomes, although results seem more gradual.

This makes it clear that both JarroSil and BioSil are well-received among users. It’s now down to which one you like or can afford.


BioSil comes in both capsule and liquid forms, providing flexibility for those who have a preference. However, some users find the liquid’s taste a bit off-putting.

JarroSil is also available in liquid and capsule form. The liquid form has a neutral taste, which can be mixed with juice or water.

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The Science Behind Silicon

While both BioSil and JarroSil have their distinct formulas, at their core, they are both focused on the same essential element: silicon.

Silicon, a trace element, plays a crucial role in our body, particularly for bone and connective tissue health.

Collagen production, which is vital for skin elasticity, hair strength, and nail resilience, also requires silicon.

However, as we age, our body’s ability to produce collagen decreases, leading to the all-too-familiar signs of aging such as wrinkles, brittle nails, and thinning hair.

BioSil’s Approach to Silicon

BioSil’s formula stands out due to its patented choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®).

According to the company, ch-OSA® is a bioavailable form of silicon, ensuring that your body absorbs and utilizes the silicon more efficiently.

The brand claims that this particular formulation not only promotes healthier hair, skin, and nails but also supports the health of bones and joints.

BioSil has also been clinically tested, showing significant improvements in skin texture and elasticity, hair thickness, and nail strength.

JarroSil’s Approach

On the other hand, JarroSil is a patent-pending Activated Silicon® formula.

JarroSil provides silicon in multiple forms: stabilized molecular clusters of silicic acid, which are said to be more potent, and stabilized monomeric silicic acid.

This multifaceted approach ensures maximum absorption and bioavailability. In addition to skin, hair, and nails, JarroSil also emphasizes its benefits for bones, joints, and cardiovascular health.

Additional Ingredients

Beyond silicon, it’s essential to look at the other ingredients in these supplements. BioSil sticks strictly to its ch-OSA® formula, making it relatively straightforward.

JarroSil, however, contains boron, another mineral that’s vital for bone health.

The inclusion of boron could be seen as an added advantage for those specifically seeking improved bone and joint health.

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BioSil vs JarroSil: Possible Side Effects

Both BioSil and JarroSil are clinically tested to provide the recommended amounts of silicon. Silicon, when consumed in the right amount, does not cause any health issues.

As such BioSil and JarroSil have not been known to cause any adverse side-effects.

Also, while JarroSil contains boron in safe-to-use and recommended levels, it should be avoided by individuals with existing kidney hormone issues.

BioSil does not contain boron and can be safely consumed without reservation. However, it does contain choline, which may render an unpleasant taste or odor.

Final Thoughts

With any product you’re buying, you’re looking for the best. Not only that, you’re looking for the one that’ll work so you can get back what you spent.

That’s why it’s important to do your homework when choosing. Even after reading this article, you shouldn’t just choose. Look at the ingredients of both brands. Are they good for you?

Also, don’t take reviews on both brands at face value. Analyze what people are saying and what they want the product to do for them. Some people use them for the wrong things and when they don’t see results, they panic.

As a consumer, your job is to be informed before buying a product. Then make your decision based on facts. That’ll save you a lot of headaches later on.

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