Biotique vs Lotus: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

If you want an in-depth guide with a good comparison of Biotique vs Lotus, keep reading! I’ve got your back.

Biotique and Lotus are brands delivering organic products.

The products are prepared with natural ingredients with a slight amount of chemical which is almost negligible; hence they frame their products as chemical-free. Everybody has a different review when asked about the two brands.

Both these brands are one of the most recognized and used products in the market. Lotus is more popular or its skincare and Biotique has a good market in both hair and skincare.

Let’s see who is better in the battle of Biotique vs Lotus.

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Biotique vs Lotus: A Quick Comparison

What’s the difference between them?

Both Biotique and Lotus offer skincare products. However, there are not a lot of hair care products from Lotus, compared to Biotique. I’ll recommend you go with Biotique if you want haircare products.

They even have a dedicated category for that. Not only is Biotique more popular, but they also offer more product varieties than Lotus.

Biotique vs Lotus: Brand Highlights

Let’s look at Lotus. 

Lotus is an Indian brand with hundreds of make-up, skincare, and hair care products. While their audience is concentrated in India because of their Ayurvedic background, their products have scattered across several continents.

The brand is dedicated to providing organic products for those who take great care in their wellness and overall health. If you’re looking for a herbal and natural cosmetic brand, you’ve found one.

They’re well-known in the Indian cosmetics market and compete with the likes of Sebamed and Biotique. Lotus carries cruelty-free products.

Now, it’s Biotique’s turn. 

Biotique was founded in 1992 by Vinita Jain.

Biotique is very similar to Lotus, in terms of what they produce and where they originated from.

Like Lotus, Biotique makes Ayurvedic products based out of Noida, India. Their product line spreads across skincare, haircare, and body care products.

I like Biotique because it’s an organic brand. The products don’t contain chemicals, thanks to the use of natural ingredients.
very similar to Lotus, they make Ayurvedic products based out of Noida in India.

Some of their best selling products include Avocado Stress Relief Body Massage Oil, Honey Water Pore Tightening Toner, Seaweed Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel, etc.

Herbal Quality

Most of the Lotus products have Paraben and sulfate, which conflicts its claim of being 100% natural. Some products do have ethanol giving a spirit fragrance to the product, especially the cleansing products.

On the other hand, Biotique products are 100% organic with natural ingredients. You can check the ingredient details on the pack to assure yourself.

The natural fragrance of the ingredients proves its quality. The cleansing products do have a small proportion of alcohol though it is not mentioned in the ingredients list.


Biotique products are cheaper compared to Lotus products. So, you get the chemical-free product at a lower price.

Getting discounts on Lotus products is a rare case whereas Biotique products can be availed at reasonable concessions on online platforms during sale hours.


The packaging of Biotique is more user-friendly. When we say that, we refer to the overall ease of the user applying the product. E.g., Lotus scrub comes in a tube whereas Boutique scrub comes with a container-type packaging.

The container lets you remove the quantity you need to apply for a single-use whereas many times the tube tends to extract extra stuff leading to wastage.

Also, with the container, you get a clear idea of when to refill. In the tube, you can never use the entire stuff.

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For many people, lotus works well on their skin types whereas some people prefer Biotique. For instance, lotus face wash works well for oily skin as it brings an instant glow after face wash but the same product does work well for dry skin.

Lotus sunscreen lotion is highly effective and more accessible than Biotique except for the fact that it is a bit creamy leading to oiliness when in contact with direct sun.

Side Effects

Both products are herbal. Hence, side-effects mostly don’t occur unless your skin is allergic to some ingredients. People allergic to certain products are advised to use the products only after reading the composition of the product.

Both products have their unique potentials which make one better than the other. Try it and cherry-pick the best one for you. Let your skin decide for you!

Biotique vs Lotus: Conclusion

I know most of those who would be reading this article will be from India. If you’re an American and are reading this product, you may find that some of the products from both brands don’t apply to you.

This is because of the way such products are manufactured and how it might be a bit difficult to access them from the US. Fortunately, you can get most of their products online, you end up liking any of them.

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